The Truth About Bankruptcy

Becoming a persona who is serious in debt and having creditors breathing down your neck is a enormously stressful situation to be in, so a lot of people leap at the first chance to file bankruptcy. However, this is not at all times the greatest solution and there’s in reality no such thing as affordable bankruptcy.

Want Debt Help? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

People who are experiencing debt problems think that the only way to get out from this tragic fall is by filing bankruptcy. But there are a lot of debt option to consider. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one way¬† but it has become difficult to accomplish because of current changes in laws. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is […]

Claiming Bankruptcy and Its Procedure

Claiming bankruptcy is emotionally taxing process. While the legal process itself is lengthy and involves following certain set rules and long drawn procedures, the emotional effects of being on the threshold of losing everything that one has painstakingly built, brick by brick through a lifetime of tireless effort is truly heart wrenching.

How To Write A Validation Of Debt Letter

To avoid making payments to creditors or debt collectors on accounts that you are not required to, I strongly suggest sending validation of debt letters. These letters require original creditors or third party debt collectors to provide you with accurate and legal proof that you do in fact owe them money. Without sending a validation of debt letter, you run the risk of being part of the abuse that is common in the credit card debt collection industry.

How To Answer A Credit Card Summons

Many consumers all wonder how to answer a credit card summons. Answering a credit card summons is generally the same process for everyone. However, there are few things to keep in mind when deciding how to answer a credit card summons. I am going to go over some basic need to know items in this article to help you answer properly.