10 Guaranteed Tips To Increase Your Credit Score

When your credit score is high you are considered a credible investor and your objective is to maintain your score to the highest number possible. How to do that? Follow these proven steps to do it:

1. Order individual reports rather than ordering in group. This will lessen your chance of getting involve in future problems. You can also start a dispute over the internet faster this way because ordering by bulk takes some time. Don’t worry about how much it would cost you by doing individual credit reports purchase because when you already get the scores that you want, every investment you made will be paid off!

2. Credit card agencies give the best customer service to their clients, so take advantage of this. Call them to increase your credit card lines so you can have the chance to earn up to 60 points which will improve your credit to more available ratio amounts on your bank account.

3. The ideal ratio to attain the cheapest debt-to-available-credit is 25%-35% You can achieve this by reorganizing your debt.

4. Pay down the cards immediately as soon as you can until your credit reports recognize your desired ratio.

5. The reason why your credit score decreases is because of the high debts shown on your credit reports. You can change this by looking for lenders who don’t mind tracking records or making reports of your debt. You may seek help from good friends and family who trust you with these matters. Just remember to invest your money wisely and don’t break the trust given on you!

6. There are really times where you can receive wrong credit reports that affect your score but it is easy to alter this. You can fax the incorrect credit report to the credit agency and in most cases they would correct your credit reports immediately.

7. Initiate a dispute over the internet for negative offensive reports about you. This will end your being reprieved due to some derogatory information on your credit reports. You will be surprised with the increase of your score when the issue is solved.

8. Of course you want your highest score to be pulled off by lenders on your purchases, but it doesn’t always get selected. Your middle score is the most significant score of all as it is the one being selected almost all the time by lenders. So always try to increase your middle score. Once you do this the maximum score that you had before will become your middle score!

9. Find people with good credit history. Family and friends are the best pick. Ask these people to put in your social security number to their account so all the years of good credit history will show up on your credit reports. When this happens, your credit score will increase accordingly. It won’t harm the people who added you to their account because they won’t have to add their social security number on your card, thus protecting their credibility.

10. When you receive credit reports telling there are credit file which haven’t been paid, you can call the collection company and ask them if they delete. Some agencies will take away the item from your credit report if the full account is paid. There are also instances where they can take away the debt from the credit agency immediately.

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