3 Simple Ways to Help You Save For a Down Payment on a Home

One thing remains certain whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a renter looking to buy your first place. It can seem daunting to save for a down payment. In difficult times when the job outlook is uncertain at best, this is especially true. You don’t need to be making a small fortune at work to save up for a down payment, contrary to popular belief. In fact, there are many simple ways to achieve your goals, just by being more aware of how you spend your money. In fact, just by being more aware of how you spend your money, there are many simple ways to achieve your goals. To help you start saving up, here are three simple tips.

Start thinking it through and stop eating out, first and foremost. You’re spending about $10 a meal if you eat out even just once a week at a mid-level restaurant, right? Wrong. Add in the cost of appetizers, desserts and drinks you might also order with your meal this time. It might be $20 now. Have you thought about the tip? One meal is costing you $25 or $30 before you know it if you keep adding things up. All of a sudden you’ve spent over $100 in a given month if you multiple that by how many times you eat out every 30 days.

Instead, consider cooking your favorite dinners at home. Ask for ice water with your meal since it’s free, if you do eat out. Consider lowering the tip you give from 15% to 10%. It will sure add up toward your down payment, even though on smaller amounts, the difference isn’t that much.

Second, cut out paper towels usage. While it’s everyone’s favorite go-to to clean up a mess or wipe their hands, the cost of purchase adds up over time. When you can easily obtain rags that will do the same job for free, why not? Rags can be reused by simply washing them occasionally as well. A little thought goes a long way toward saving much for a down payment.

Third, cut out magazine subscriptions. You can usually find the same information online for free anyway. The same goes for movies. Stop going out and spending $30 between admission, popcorn and a drink. Consider a low monthly movie subscription mailed directly to your door. Much cheaper.

These are just three simple ways to save money toward a down payment. Added together over time, though, and you’ve got hundreds of dollars in savings on your hands.

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