4 Steps to Obtaining a Home Loan

You’ve made the important decision to purchase a home. Maybe you’ve even found the house of your dreams already and want to put an offer on it. If you’re not paying with cash up-front, sellers take most seriously the offers they receive from buyers with approved financing. This means being able to show proof that you’ve been approved for a home loan. Time to get to work if you want the house you’ve been eyeing. Here’s how to get a home loan in 4 basic steps.

You need to find a lender first. Quite a bit of research will be involved in this step, even though it may initially sound simple. Consider asking friends, family, or even co-workers for a referral, if you know anyone who has gone through the process. Ask a local real estate agent, if you know no one. The internet is also a location you can search.

So you know how much you’ll have available to buy a home with, fill out a loan application for a few lenders and obtain an approval amount. Make sure you also ask for documentation of closing costs estimates, as well as any additional lending fees you might be subject to. State laws may differ, but most do require lenders to provide you with this kind of documentation. You should always compare the documentation you’ve been given with all other lending institution estimates you applied for as well. The lowest possible fees will likely be secondary to picking the best possible loan terms for you, but if you do it the way described above, you just might get both.

Negotiating the fees is the third step. Try to negotiate the fees down based on the other lender offers if you prefer one lender over another but that lender has given you a higher estimate of fees. It’s not always guaranteed to be successful, but it’s certainly worth a shot. You’ll want to get the best possible deal on it in the beginning, since you’ll be paying back this home mortgage for years to come.

Lastly, provide the required documentation and pay the any up-front fees the lender plans to charge. Once your documentation has been processed, you’ll receive notification of your ultimate approval or rejection. It’s at this point that you can either go through with the home buying process on a house you’ve already made an offer on or else go ahead with making an offer in the first place. Either way, congratulations. You’re well on your way to home ownership!

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