5 Ways To Stop Impulse Buying

We’ve all had the experience. It’s only two weeks into the month, and you’ve almost gone through your entire budget. Now you’re facing two weeks of beans and rice just so you have enough gas in the car to get to work.

Sure, there might have been unexpected things that occurred and caused you to spend all of your money. Now you never expected that an unexpected relative would need to spend the weekend with you, or that your pet would get sick and require a vet’s care. While these are definitely a few monetary drains you can blame your lack of funds on, you and I both know they aren’t completely to blame. What really drained your account is your impulse buying.

Whether you are at the grocery store, at the mall, or simply surfing the web, impulse shopping can be detrimental to your budget. Before you make that next unneeded purchase, use these helpful tips.

Tips to Curb Impulse Buying

Make a List – Before you go to thimpulse buyinge grocery store, the department store, or the mall, make a list of the items you need. The items in your list must be those that you truly need. Once you are at the store, don’t get attracted to other items based on their coupons and prices. Use your list. For instance, you had planned to purchase a pair of shoes and a package of socks, don’t look at the price of jean and sweater because of the clearance sale.

Work With Time – The longer you stay in the store the more you will find unnecessary items and place them in your cart. You must time yourself while in the store and once your time is used, checkout. To this end, you must be careful how you manage your time while in the store.

Don’t Shop When You’re Bored Or Hungry – If it is a grocery shopping, eat first. If you are hungry, the food you don’t need to purchase is going to look ten times better than it would if you were full. You must therefore eat at least one hour before you shop. When you are bored, it is likely that you will have unnecessary items in your cart as well. Shopping shouldn’t serve as an entertainment when you are bored. You can alternatively play a game, go for a run or do some other activities instead of shopping your money away on unnecessary things..

Stick to a Store – When shopping in malls and departments, there are always several stores and choosing the wrong ones might get your cart filled with items you didn’t really intend to buy. When you visit stores like this, try to stick to the department or store that carries the items you need. You might be out for an impulse buy if you decide to browse through other outlets.

Don’t Go Without a Budget – Using online cash flow tool like personal budgeting software has helped many people curb impulse buying. A money management software will allow you to see exactly how you are spending and on what. It can also show you how much money you have to use for the entire month. The next time you are confronted with an impulse buying decision, you can consider your budget and make an informed decision about whether to purchase it.

Be honest: Are you an impulse shopper? … If you want to curb impulse buying and improve your financial life, then use the above tips and change your money management skills and emotional control for the better.

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Anand vasandani

“Don’t shop when you are bored or hungry.” A very good way to prevent impulse buying. We tend to get unneccesary items when we go for shopping without any valid reason.The article was well constructed and very practical for people to apply it in their daily lives


“Impulse shopper”–that is so me! I see something I really like, and I get this sort of yearning to buy it even if I don’t have money. And I do buy it, only to regret it later on. I really need to do something about this.

Anjelly Meca

All the tips are true and helpful. I’ve been using almost all of those tips when I go shopping, except from the tip wherein you need to eat first before going to a mall. hahaha. After reading this article, I’ve realized that yes, if you feel hungry, you feel like eating many so then buy those food that’s not even in the your list. Gonna take that tip from now on. ^_^

Ma. Belen Bermachea

The best thing to do is make the list of things you just “needed to buy” and “not the things you just desire and don’t need at all” to avoid impulse buying and over expenses. We can also consider not bringing extra cash so that you can control that shopping spree feeling.

Mercy Njiru

The tip on ensuring that one has eaten prior to shopping is a bit hilarious but very true. In fact, from a personal experience, going to shop on a full stomach makes me buy only basics and this also means that I spend less time in the supermarket. On the other hand, a hungry shopper will have the urge to even try out ‘new’ delicious seeming products in the supermarket, hence impulse buying.

Jenny De Guzman

I definitely agree with the tip about not shopping when bored or hungry, been guilty of that most of my early married life. Now I do my shopping once or twice a month depending on situation and I list down the things my family need and stick to the list to avoid buying stuff we dont really have much use for.


This article really speaks through to me, especially the tip on ‘Don’t shop when you’re bored or hungry’. When I meet my friends, sometimes when i’m early I decide to just go “window shopping”, but it never really turns out to be just that; it’s quite easy for me to find something that I like, and therefore buy, but it’s only after that I realise that I don’t really need whatever I just bought… I have a million items like that at home, but the mistake always repeats. I’ll be sure to keep the tips in mind next time!


What I find helpful in sticking to a budget is going to a store where I could buy all/most of the things in my grocery list such as in a mall with supermarket and pharmacy. This also helps prevent me from seeing other things and feeling tempted to buy unnecessary items

Nicole Ong

Time and again I have told myself that I would quit impulse buying, but whenever I see items that are marked down at surprisingly low rates, I just couldn’t resist. The tips here are great but it’s nothing new when it comes to curbing impulse shopping!

Marianne Ramos

I used to have this tendency and it seemed that I couldn’t help myself. Am just so glad that I got over that phase and am now more responsible whenever I buy stuff. I make it a point to think hard on what I have to buy and make sure that I stick to the list.


Every adult in my household is an impulse buyer. After Christmas we were all pinching pennies. Love making a list and timing myself. We are all making a list, timing ourselves and deciding just how much we can afford to spend.

Thomas Rodgers

I found the introduction to this article very relatable to my life. I also found that each key point to be very valuable teachings, however it will be hard for me to follow at first because I am indeed a impulse buyer and have a hard time following my own budget. Perfect article to start off the new year right!


Very timely. Not too long ago I fell victim to impulse buying after I couldn’t just stick to a single store. This actually saw me buy plenty of stuff I didn’t really need. Thanks for the info, though. I feel enlightened now.


Working with time works wonders for me because whenever I stay longer at a store, I can’t help but buy things that are quite unnecessary. I try to lessen the time to around five to ten minutes for a single store that way I can save time and money.


This is very timely advice…Hello… its the beginning of a new year. I am guilty of never making a list on paper. My list is always in my head… but so are many other stuff that ended up in my cart when all I went in to buy was toothpaste. A budget definitely works for me. That way I am forced to pick up only what I can pay for.


Wow all great advice to curb impulse buying. I especially found the time management tip very helpful. I am going to start this myself.

Scott Mollette

This is sound advice and something I’ll pass on to my wife. This is because although I explained ways to her about staying within our budget, she is a sure impulse spender and gets out of control at times. Hopefully she’ll read this and see why I always eat before I shop. Moreover, the advice on boredom is spot on. When we get bored, we go to the mall. Great advice.

fajar ramadhan

Main point is listing, if i just keep it in my mind what i intend to buy i’ll end up buy other things that i dont think will be useful
thanks anyway.

Ramadina Ainirizki

Sticking to one store is indeed a very useful way to fight your impulse in shopping. Because you’ll eventually get bored of seeing the same thing everytime. It might even put a stop to unecessary shopping habit!

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