Answer Summons Response Template

Each day hundreds of people across the nation are served with a credit card lawsuits, and you may be one of them. Unfortunately only some people are aware of how to fight back and win their case without a lawyer. Many don’t even make a case. It’s very possible to do though if you just have the know-how. I did it so you can too! I was able to defeat two collection agencies and Capital One. Now I’d like to help you do the same.

I have created a package that helps you respond to your lawsuit and guides you through the whole process step by step. An example of a Civil Summons for a credit card debt lawsuit is included. You may have noticed that the summons says you only have 20 days to answer or a judgment will be entered against you. First, you need to respond. Do not just ignore this lawsuit. I guarantee you that if you do, they will win by default judgment. Say for instance the junk debt buyer is suing for $15,000 and you fail to answer the summons within those 20 days, then they are cleared simply because you did not answer. It all begins with the response.

Using my Defendant’s package you will get a set of detailed step-by-step instructions on how to interpret the documents included as well as how to file them. You can expect explanations for each step of the process from filing the Notice of Appearance to explaining the Discovery stage of a lawsuit if your lawsuit makes it that far.

You will get just the facts. Don’t worry about having a whole lot of useless info. Expect letters and real tools that help you in being successful in avoiding judgment and getting those creditors off your back. You can even improve or repair your credit score. You just need the know-how and that’s how I’m here to help.

You might also be wondering if you need to type out your answer to the credit card lawsuit and the answer is yes! You definitely need to type out your answer. Most courts assume that you’re going to hire a lawyer, and if you did hire a lawyer all of your responses would be typed out of course. Don’t write out your response in pen because they will likely send it right back to you. Courts require your answer to be typed out in legal format. Keep in mind that this is a lawsuit and what you see on the complaint is what they expect in return which is a legally formatted answer. If you don’t hire a lawyer and are answering Pro se, then all you need to do is copy the top portion of the Complaint and change the Response title.

In the package I also include the Notice of Appearance and Pro Se Answer to Complaint, Affirmative defenses. I will provide you with a PDF list of the statute of limitations on open, written, and oral debt for your state. Not only that, but my package walks you through it explaining what each document is and how to use it. If you thought this lawsuit was a lost cause, then think again! Now that you’ve got the right resources and know your rights, you are only a couple of steps closer to winning your case. Many of the documents are formatted in such a way that all the areas where you need to fill in your personal information (case #, State, Name, etc.) are highlighted in yellow. Check out my site for more information on how to win your lawsuit and properly answer the summons.

Looking to find the best way to battle collection agencies and respond to court summons, then visit to find the best advice on winning your lawsuit.

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