10 Replies to “Bank Account No Fee Prepaid Cards”

  1. Although the credit cards are very popular today. However, in fact the prepaid cards are also very important. Especially I read some benefits about it after reading this blog.

  2. There is not much a difference between a prepaid credit card and a usual debit card. I feel adding some overdraft attached to a prepaid credit card on the basis of some kind of security deposit initially deposited can make it more attractive.

    1. What you are describing does in fact exist. It’s called a secured credit card. We will be writing another article on that soon. Stay tuned…

  3. Good useful information on prepaid credit cards. With this facility now, everyone can make a new beginning in earning back credibility.

  4. This is a very useful article, I never would have thought to use something like this. There is not enough information out there about these cards and i think it could be really helpful for people who do have bad habits with credit cards.

  5. Nowadays credit card can be used in many ways. Its easy to pay your debts just by swiping your credit card. Its also useful when purchasing in an online store than cash.

    1. This is true. But keep in mind that a prepaid card is not a credit card; it does not extend credit. With a “prepaid” card you can only use the cash that you load onto it – just like a bank account.

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