Bank Checks and Economics

A personal check up for the times ahead and, quite possibly, in the times to come depend on certain skills. Having your finances in order is characteristically a benefit but so may be some other very essential observances.

Some people advise buying rural retreat property that is “off grid” without utilities or nearby power poles. While that is extreme and behooves one to isolate themselves from business dealings and social intercommunication, it certainly is an choice. Then a photovoltaic power strategy may become a requirement if one is to do without usual hydrocarbon fuel systems.

Banking survival is a key to life. Everyone needs money to settle for living just as we need oxygen to feed us on a cellular level. As long as your personal checking account is balanced and accepted by merchants, you probably have little basic worry financially. The rub comes if chaos hits and an ensuing barter economy.

Particular survival skills pay off in town as well as wilderness environments. Skills such as finding an economical and dependable heat source, providing an efficient shelter are fundamental. Water and food appropriation skills are useful. Communication, self defense and first aid skills require to be addressed.

Security and safety is on the mind of many urban dwellers as well as survivalists. A practical shotgun pointed at an intruder will say more than mere words can utter. Prevention is better than cure.

Discerning individuals as well as families need to prepare for any future possibility. You can’t hang your trust on the government to bail you out. If a global natural disaster struck, such as a severe meteorite collision or even a terrorist attack that crippled every computer chip and our electron grid tossing us into the Stone Age, one is compelled to come up with an exit plan.

Some say being aware of the economic implications is just an ornament in prosperity, however, in adversity it is a refuge of opportunity. Even though government borrows beyond its means, don’t be complacent about the future. The opportunities in an evolving economic crisis can be many fold.

One way to hold onto money and survive healthier is by making use of sprouts. Almost anyone can produce fresh healthy and extremely nutritious sprouts. They can be grown on a kitchen counter with nothing more than a couple of plastic containers and you have great tasiting greens every few days. Some begin becoming venturesome and find growing sprouts fun and enjoyable.

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