Bankruptcy Attorney: Truth About Learning Simple Guide On How To Find A Lawyer To Handle Your Case

A reputable bankruptcy attorney can help you with the legal process of filing for bankruptcy. He can also coach you on which type of bankruptcy is right for you. Although there are many bankruptcy lawyers, you need to find one who is reputable and efficient. A good lawyer will work for your best interests and give you solid advice.

You can start searching for the right attorney by asking your personal lawyer or the corporate lawyer who works for your company. They may know of colleagues who specialize in bankruptcy law. Your personal lawyers may also be a member of associations and organizations that have other members who specialize in different fields including bankruptcy law.

Other people who may know of bankruptcy lawyer are accountants and bookkeepers. People who work in tax preparation may also know of some attorneys in the field of bankruptcy. Tax preparers may know of some clients who have used bankruptcy lawyers in the past. They may also know of organizations where you can find a qualified attorney.

Visit the website of the American Bar Association. Type in your address and kind of lawyer you need. You should be able to get a list of lawyers in your city. Choose the ones who can handle your case and get their contact information from the website. See a number of lawyers on that list so you have more than one choice.

Aside from the American Bar Association, you can find other organizations that consist of lawyers and other professionals who specialize in various fields. Some of them may be able to help with bankruptcy problems and refer you to the right attorney. These organizations work to protect the rights of individuals concerning bankruptcy and other financial problems.

Another thing you can do is try to reach the bankruptcy trustees in your city. They should know where you can find a qualified attorney since they deal with these problems all the time. A bankruptcy court clerk may also be able to point you to the right direction. Search the yellow pages or surf the net for these agencies in your city.

When you do find a number of bankruptcy lawyers, compare their retainer fees and other fees like court appearance fees and case closing fees. Meet with a number of lawyers before deciding on one who can take your case. It is also important to be able to communicate well with any lawyer handling your case aside from hiring an efficient one.

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