A Bankruptcy Lawyer May Be Able To Help You

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s time to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer?

Yes, it is a sad reflection on the financial condition of the world today that more and more people are contacting filing for bankruptcy. Ten years ago no one would have thought of it, it was something you read about in the newspapers when businesses went broke.

Now it seems that everyone is going broke. So times have changed. If your debts are ruining your life and you do not know which way to turn, it is time you spoke to a bankruptcy lawyer.

The mere term bankruptcy spreads a pall of gloom. However this is not the way to interpret it, it should be looked at as a new beginning rather than an ignominious end. If you can adopt that mindset you will find the entire process so much easier to endure.

Finding a law firm that specializes in consumer insolvency will be easy. They are multiplying faster than your debts. The inference should be obvious and give you added confidence. Without a doubt, you are not alone.

Find a law firm that will give you a free consultation to explain the avenues open to you and what each one entails. Under the United States Bankruptcy Code you can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If these solutions are not right for you it may be that your debts can be rescheduled or even consolidated.

Filing for bankruptcy is only one option. They will have to take into account your income and your assets before making a decision. In many cases debt consolidation or even debt rescheduling may be a better way to go.

In any case, you will need professional advice and assistance to talk to your creditors and get them to agree to a new plan. After all they want their money and if they have to wait a little longer they should not be unreasonable.

If you are advised to file for insolvency under Chapter 7 of the US Bankruptcy Code (or Chapter 13 in some cases) there is a lot of work to be done before your case can go to court. Fortunately, your lawyer can attend to most of it. You will have to subject yourself to a means test however. The great thing is that once the case is filed you are safe to a great extent.

Your home cannot be repossessed and your creditors cannot continue to harass you. Not that they have any legal right to harass you at any time but it is a sad fact that many will resort to such tactics.

If you have exhausted all of your options and are overwhelmed by debt, find a good bankruptcy lawyer. Every minute means more money wasted and the stress levels rising. Don’t feel bad and don’t delay; it happens to the best of us sometimes.

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Peter Kelly

I’m glad they mentioned “Filing for bankruptcy is only one option.” Far too many people view bankruptcy as an either/or situation when the truth is there are lots of options out there. I’ve talked to credit councilors myself to see what my options were.
If nothing else, the “shame” of filing for bankruptcy is diminishing, and as it becomes more common, it’s handy to know what your rights are.


It is nice to know that there are different options available and that we’re not alone. I will take your advice and look into debt rescheduling and debt consolidation. This is such an important issue and you have helped to make it less scary for your readers. Thank you.

Christina W.

Informative article. There is a lot to know before you file. It can be a scary step to take, but when you need help sometimes it is the best option. You can recover from it and get back on your feet again. I personally had to do it myself and it only took about a year before I was able to start re-building my credit.


the words “bankruptcy” and “lawyer”… two words that I’m quite allergic of honestly… but as we go by in the fast paced hustle and bustle of real life… we do need to accept the fact that one can enter BANKRUPTCY at any given time… and this needs professional help… the so called bankruptcy LAWYERS… this article is somewhat of a first aid kit if you are entering bankruptcy… if one is already in peril of falling into such an event, there’s just no way but to seek help… and hopefully find a way out of the sticky-wicket… anyways after all is done and over with… everyone is entitled to a fresh start.

Reo Andrian

Bankruptcy the way i see it are simply about how we should manage our financial matters in the first place, wether it’s about working out bussiness arrangement or personal finance issues. the facts that sometimes or often there are circumstances that unfortunately becoming inevitable for anyone to get broke or in a small or even larger scale having their business becoming badly ruin and start to influence their personal finance, because mostly everyone woul do anything to avoid being shut down and keep their business running untill they find better results,
But somehow when things went bad and theres no way out to save the bussiness, its time to take the last option and get help from avoiding the worst. I personally thinks that to be prepared about financial arrangements is the best thing we carefully do to keep any business we do. we should know when its time to get off or maybe change our path before things turn bad and not to take risks spending more that we couldn’t afford. I prefer not to risk and keep it safe in doing any business.

Deb Stringer

I think it is a very sad commentary on the state of the world today that ‘bankruptcy lawyers are multiplying faster than your debts’. I appreciate the author’s stance that financial hardship can be alleviated and is nothing to be ashamed of, but what does it say about our society that we regularly consume more than we can hope to produce? I would like to have seen also some suggestions about lifestyle changes or questions one could ask oneself instead of just advice to see a lawyer. However, the article does contain some good points and could be helpful for someone looking for any easy way out.

Autumn Carr

At first glance, bankruptcy is a really terrifying concept. It almost feels like you’ve failed. But as this article points out, it’s much better to speak with a lawyer and figure out your options, including filing for bankruptcy, instead of sitting at home and getting overwhelmed by your debt. I definitely think talking to a bankruptcy lawyer is an important first step to get back on a healthy financial track.

Jess Zed

I really feel that today’s economy has forced so many people into bankruptcy for the silliest of reasons. So many people are working under the poverty level and it is so unfair. The cost of living in North America is too much for most of the population, forget about buying the things you want. For us on your needs, nut even that is difficult.

Aras Lligwoc

The most interesting aspect of this concept is changing the meaning of bankruptcy for a new America. The article seems to remove the stigma of financial failure, making it more appealing and is encouraging the use of specialized attorneys. It could even be an advert for bankruptcy lawyers. The question I have is about Chapter 11– isn’t there a chapter 11 bankruptcy and why isn’t it mentioned here?


Bankruptcy has unfortunately become quite common in today’s overly litigious and cursory zeitgeist. People need to set feasible financial goals and stick to them. The biggest problem lies in the ravenous desire for immediate gratification and material goods to flaunt one’s affluence. Less is more people, less is more…


But you also have to take into account people who get into a difficult financial situation through no fault of their own. Sometimes unpredicted things can happen like illness or accidents, and then even if you are financially stable, but don’t have a nest egg, you will get into a tight spot. It’s one thing to file for bankruptcy because you took out a loan you can’t possible pay back, and then used it to buy a new car, and quite another if you spend everything you have on hospital bills for a loved one.


It was very informative and will be helpful for those who need it.And was explained in a detailed way on how a bankruptcy lawyer can be helpful

Jorge Rmz

While I was in college I let my credit card be overdrafted by 20 dlls, which eventually became 70 and then 400 in fees alone, as poor college student it was almost impossible to pay that amount. I had bad credit and eventually couldnt get a loan for a car, In order to get one I had a really high fee for the car which obviously couldnt pay and ended up with repo car. Looking for help is always a good advice.

A. Barnes

It’s true, the word “bankruptcy” always put a scary image in my mind as if it were a last ditch, last resort – but this changed/eased my mind a little bit. It’s good to know that there’s more than one option if one ever got into a financial situation like this.


Thank goodness so far I am not in such a situation, but rather close to it, to tell the truth. It’s so encouraging to learn that filing bankruptcy is not the only option. I am such an ignorant in this field, so, many thanks for enlightening me about possibilities of the rescheduling or consolidation the debt.

Khemchand Chandwani

Before reaching to bankruptcy, one should know his business or other activities he is carrying on. For Business, demand supply situation is clear in the market. Better to take precaution instead of thinking how to face bankruptcy in future.


It is important to note that one should exhaust all other avenues to debt relief before seeking bankruptcy protection. The long term effects of a bankruptcy filing may reflect negatively on future credit ratings.

M. White

I’m not sure about the U.S., but here in Canada we have something called “Credit Counseling” agencies. When I went to one a few years ago, they gave me the option of filing for bankruptcy or consolidating my credit card debts and paying them back gradually without the interest. This affected my credit negatively but I felt it was a better option than filing for bankruptcy. I have since payed off the debt and my credit rating will return to positive soon.


I have to wonder how much a bankruptcy lawyer costs. What are the chances your claim could fail and you would end up in greater peril? Still, at some point I might have to accept that it may be the only option. It’s good to know that I don’t have to lose everything.

Leslie Smith

I have two friends who have filed for bankruptcy. Initially, both were hesitant and intimidated by how daunting the process seemed, due mostly from lack of knowledge and the shame that inevitably comes with taking that step. But both felt a huge burden lift after speaking with legal counsel and were able to go forward with their lives with a lot less stress. Though the topic remains a painful one that isn’t discussed, I think that providing comprehensive information that removes the stigma from the process of bankruptcy would be very helpful to many.

Kerry Vital

This was a very enlightening article! I personally appreciated the reassurance that it doesn’t have to be the end; instead it can be a new beginning. This article is great for people unsure of the first steps in filing for bankruptcy as it’s certainly a topic that many people don’t want to talk about.

Ken D

As the article suggests, bankruptcy is often the last best option to help people get a “fresh start” under trying and adverse financial conditions. For example, folks are often, through no fault of their own, left to deal with overwhelming financial and emotional burdens that can be brought on by a severe unexpected injury, accident, or disease with the resulting loss of income and unexpected, mounting bills that can often follow. The resulting ramifications and loss of income can be overwhelming and call for the relief that a properly structured chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide – including potentially saving one’s primary residence.

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