Cash Unclaimed Offers Even More Help To Find Free Money

In case you’re not aware, Cash Unclaimed has a new online database that’s regarded as one of the worlds largest for running free searches for money. Free money comes from a range of sources and is being held in Federal Treasury and State accounts. The problem is that these State and Treasury offices haven’t been able to find the rightful owners of said unclaimed property and funds.

these Treasury and State offices haven’t been able to find the actual owners of these unclaimed funds and property. So how much money are we talking about? It is said that California alone has $3.2 billion dollars in unclaimed property and funds and there is even more than that in the Federal Treasury accounts and all 50 states. Cash Unclaimed is hoping to reunite those owners with the unclaimed money in question and the service has recently done even more to offer more customer service and support.

The Cash Unclaimed website offers a low monthly fee for a subscription service. Prior signing up, potential subscribers might have questions about the subscription itself, like what is included with the fee. Potential subscribers may also want to know how to cancel the subscription if the time ever comes. The answers to these questions and many more are now answered in the Cash Unclaimed free money support and customer service tool.

This Cash Unclaimed customer service and support tool provides a frequently asked questions section with several important categories, but there’s also a form for submission where individuals can ask their own questions not found on the site. The new support tool and customer service is provided to give searchers even more control and power when it comes to finding the money that rightfully belongs to them. By taking all the guesswork out of these searches, the Cash Unclaimed website can be even more effective.

The Cash Unclaimed website has already helped many individuals locate money that belongs to them. Without a service like Cash Unclaimed, the unclaimed cash would just sit there in Federal and State treasuries with nobody to claim it.

By starting a search that takes all of thirty-seconds, you might find hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unclaimed property or funds due to lots reasons. These reasons include; abandoned safe deposit boxes and bank accounts, uncashed employment and utility deposit checks, oil royalties, dividends, bail bonds, securities, child support payments and many more.

If you have questions about the Cash Unclaimed website or to look at other common questions from individuals all over the country, visit the Cash Unclaimed support tool and customer service at:

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