Is Student Loan Debt Consolidation An Excellent Alternative To High Monthly Payments

Most students entering into college lack a clear understanding of financial aid. In the majority of instances, neither do their parents fully grasp the essential ins and outs of funding school loans. As a consequence, a great many put their trust in the student loan lenders. That rapport typically remains until the payments are outstanding and that's when the proper truth shows its head. Read more [...]

Can Bankruptcy Be An Option With Education Loans?

In case you file for bankruptcy and have student loans, those loans will almost certainly not be discharged. This is on account of the government's 1998 change in its rules concerning bankruptcy and student education loans. Student loans were ruled to be non-dischargeable as many financial institutions had been losing millions of dollars. And when federally guaranteed loans were charged off by way of bankruptcy, the government lost millions of dollars. Read more [...]