Concerning Banks For Philippine OFWs

The need of savings account mean a lot to OFWs for it is through this that money is transferred from abroad. Registering for a new savings account could be very complex for some, given the varied options available for them. However, given many options, one could invariably choose many good banks.

I’ll give you the information on the banks you could choose from in the Philippines.

1. BDO Bank

Banco de Oro or BDO ranks the highest in terms of popularity for OFWs.In 2009, BDO was exemplified by the Central Bank of the Philippines as the best bank for garnering signifant amounts of remittances from OFWs.It offers many incentives like Kabayan Savings account, which an OFW pays only P50 initial deposit and without the burden of maintenance fees. BDO serves on-line, on the phone and ATMs.

2. Bank of the Philippine Islands

The Bank of the Philippine Islands was heralded as the exemplary cash servicing bank in the Philippines by Finance Asia in 2009. I consider BPI as the best bank for me to handle remittances to the Philippines. BPI provides superior customer care services who would aid clients most efficiently.

3. Metrobank Philippines

Metrobank is an exceptional bank in the Philippines was restored as a public company by the Philippine Stock Exchange. Last year, it fell under the best of five remittance bank for OFWs. It has branches everywhere in the world. A lot of OFW prefer Metrobank for customer care and extensive branches all over the country.

4. Chinabank

It is the number four principal bank by market capitalization in the Philippines. Filipinos are beginning to like Chinabank. With it numerous banking institutions and automated-teller machines found all over the nation, Chinabanks proves very practical for Filipinos. It is also on-line, uses ATM and mobile transactions with minimal toll charges.

5. Union Bank

Its titled number 7 with its large acquisitions of profit. The PSE be acknowledges it. Union Bank partners with other companies as well as government-owned institutions in the country. Because of its varied services, OFWs choose Union Bank. You can remit money to the Philippines using Union Bank by PayPal, through money transfer partners and by bank to bank wire transfer.

It all depends on what you need. Friendly customer care services and efficient problem solving traits make a bank worthwhile.

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