Credit Card Lawsuit

When in a credit card lawsuit there are different ways to defend yourself. Each way has separate pros and cons. Here in this I am going to go over a few different ways that I have witnessed consumers use lawsuit defenses and give many of my own opinions on which ways are for the most part valuable.

The first type of defense is to employ an attorney that specializes in credit card lawsuit defense. These lawyers will typically present you with a positive conclusion in court but will charge quite a bit of cash. Clearly the attorney fees will differ from attorney to attorney. I rarely see this kind of defense because if a consumer has a sufficient amount of funds to pay for an attorney to represent them, they also would have the funds to pay their credit card debt and stay away fromthe lawsuit overall.

The second type of defense I have seen oftentimes is almost not worth calling a defense. Consumers time and time again will choose to represent themselves in court against the creditor or bank’s attorney without any prior knowledge pertaining to credit card lawsuits.

Representing yourself without any prior legal awareness is an almost positive way to lose your case. I have personally watched thousands of cases in which the consumer tries to “wing it” through the different litigation stages. The opposing attorney can figure out that this is what is going on within the first few minutes and will then proceed to scare and confuse the consumer until the consumer’s defense strategies are in shambles. Needless to say, this is one of the worst options to use.

The third way to defend yourself against a credit card lawsuit is a method that I have developed over years of observing and participating in similar legal proceedings. My system was founded under the view that consumers and attorneys only have one chief difference, knowledge of the legal system.

99% of consumers end up losing their cases because they make mistakes during the legal process, which then weakens their defenses. Opposing attorneys realize this and watch for these opportunities. They will often lead consumers into these mistakes on purpose.

After researching cases and studying a sizable sum of case law, I realized that the same legal system that often confuses and traps consumers could be used in opposition to the banks and creditors. The trick is knowing the right things to request and when to ask them.

One dilemma still remains; consumers do not have multiple odds to try several tactics to see which defense works best. As soon as the consumer makes a incorrect move, the case will be over and a ruling will be made rapidly against the consumer.

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