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Getting a credit score that is high will only help you in the long run. Your credit score is a formula of your financial past and is developed by FICO who determines your score. To get a score in the 700s and 800s, you need to be sure that you never max out your credit card and pay your bills on time. Having all the bad negatives taken off your account will be one of the better things you can do to make your score higher.

Click here to learn about how to get the free auditions. Your debt plays a big role in being able to get a high credit score so paying that off on time will help.

Some negatives on your account can include late bills that are past 30 days and any bad inquiries on your account. To get a better credit score, you first must not get these negatives. One step you can take to conquer this is to pay your bills each and every month on time. The second most important thing you can do is to not get into credit card debt, pay off your card in full each month, and don’t max out your card.

If the negatives on your account are not yours, then it need to be taken care of and taken out of your account. Negatives can be removed and disputed in writing if they do not belong to you. The letter must be sent via certified mail and so you know that they will open it. In about a month you should hear back also in writing about what happened with the dispute.

If you do remember having a late payment or something that was caused by you, then you cannot have it taken off by a dispute letter. The only option you have for this case if it was your fault is to wait. After 4 years you will feel that the negative won’t affect your score as much and after 7 years it will be fully lifted from your credit report. There are worst things. If you have a bankruptcy on your credit report and financial record then that stays with you for 10 years.

With a home loan, you will need to get your credit report checked. With your mortgage, you will need a free movie auditions.

Keeping your credit utilization ratio low will help you get a better credit score. It’s a good idea to get your free audition and casting calls. Rest assured that your credit report is error-free if you check it on a regular basis.

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