Debt Collection Lawsuit: How To win

If you are in the proceedings of a debt collection lawsuit, you need to understand that knowledge really is power. It can seem overwhelming to try to learn everything about the credit card debt litigation process. Because of this I want to share with you a few things that it is important to know when facing your collector in court.

Debt collection lawsuits are primarily won or lost based on the amount of knowledge that the consumer has. When the consumer has less knowledge of the litigation process, they will be much more likely to make ridiculous errors in court that can often cost them the case. The bank or the creditor’s attorneys know that this is the easiest way to win cases and will constantly try to magnify the lack of knowledge on the part of the consumer. Do not let this happen to you!

Original creditors are usually the ones who will initiate debt collection lawsuits, as opposed to third party debt collectors. This is because third party debt collectors never have much of a case against you, unless you start making payments to them on your alleged debt. This is why most debt consulting agencies will strongly advise against making even the smallest of payments to a debt collector.

Even though the attorneys that are employed by creditors prey on the lack of knowledge of their opponents, they are not stupid at all. In fact by focusing on what their opponent does not know keeps the consumer away from the defenses that will actually give them a favorable judgment. Knowing this will help you understand the methods that the opposing attorney is using against you.

What things are the opposing attorneys trying to cover up? This is probably the most important knowledge that you could gain when going through a debt collection lawsuit. The two things you want to argue about are that your bank did not loan you any of their actual money to use with your credit card and that you need to see the signed and dated original contract you filled out when you started your credit card agreement. Arguing along these two topics will do you a great deal of good as a consumer.

These few things are just a start to what you need to know to win against a debt collection lawsuit. All the information you could possibly need is available at Be sure to visit this site to find everything you need to set yourself up for a favorable court ruling!

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