Debt Consolidation Loans At Low Interest Rates and Good Credit

There are several options for you to get debt consolidation loans at low interest rates and good credit. The right opportunities can definitely help you settle your debt faster.

Home Equity Loans

Home capital loans deliver reasonable rate of interest due to the fact that they are safeguarded over your home, minimizing the possibilities of you skipping. You could choose to cash out your outlay by remortgaging or qualifying for a second mortgage or personal credit line.

Refinancing may set you back thousands in upfront costs, although they may deliver you, generally speaking, reduced repayments. Second mortgages as well as credit lines often set you back no to a few hundred dollars to start, yet their fees are higher than a conventional home loan.

Personal Debt Consolidation Loans

Personal loans provided with financial institutions and also additional monetary loan providers may as well assist you to consolidate financial debt. These sorts of loans are based upon your credit rating and also money possessions. Because these are unsecured loans, costs are greater. Nonetheless, when compared with charge card prices, they are dramatically reduced.

Credit Card Balance Transfer

Another thing you can do is consider moving your credit card balance to a brand-new credit card account that provides 0 % interest for transferred balances. These kinds of deals are introductory, so anticipate fees to kick in around 6 to twelve months. In the meantime, you could begin lowering financial debt while rates are inexpensive. At the end of the introductory duration, you can easily start yet another account or try to find a longer term loan with fewer costs.

While balance transfers are appealing, they do hold hazards. You need to check out the terms & conditions to be familiar with any sort of costs charged for the process.

Consumer Loan Rates

Regardless of which debt consolidation loans at low interest rates and good credit you opt to get, make sure to analyze costs. By examining and comparing deals, you can easily conserve thousands in interest fees. The majority of loan providers upload their costs online for simple accessibility. Make sure to review their phrases to be sure you do not get hit with unknown costs and hidden fees.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer financing is yet another alternative for that individual debt consolidation loan. In a peer-to-peer loaning, you request a loan with an ideal rate of interest. A capitalist for peer-to-peer loans will certainly request a credit rating as well as will certainly determine if they desires to grant you a loan based upon presentation, credit, threat of default and other factors.

Being that you have good credit, you’re an ideal prospect for a debt consolidation loan with Prosper’s loan market. This platform works to find you lenders and also aids you to obtain reasonable rate prices without any of the unknown costs, as well as all the bureaucracy linked with various other kinds of loans. Joining is quick and uncomplicated, as well, you’ll have the ability to thoroughly express to possible loan providers why they need to accept your loan request. You can get debt consolidation loans at low interest rates and good credit with fixed rates generally up to $25,000.

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Here in my place, the most common and most convenient way would’ve been peer-to-peer lending. However, it comes with unbelievably high interest rate, I almost want to choke haha. But seriously, thanks for the tip. I have a question, BTW. Will I be able to pass for home equity loans if I had bad credit history.. Like two years ago?


I am in need of money because I am doing a business startup, and this article just lights up my day. I’ve had a hard time thinking of ways to fulfill the gap needed in my startup funding given the limited resources that I have, but now I got a lot of ideas in getting my target. Thank you so much!


Wow! What an instructive article. Thanks for this Debt Guru. For me, I would prefer the peer to peer lending for it is more flexible than the rest.


Thanks DebtGuru!
As a fresh grad this really helps me sit down and think about my student loans.
I will schedule an appointment with my banker tomorrow.

Thanks again!


I’ve always wanted to know such. Thanks DebtGuru for this insightful information. I like this.
Personally, I would prefer peer- to-peer lending over the rest due to being more flexible.

Aakash Badola

As a full time student I found your article worth my time. Thank you for writing such a good and informative piece.


This is a vary educative article. I can now manage my debts.


For a fresh graduate with very little knowledge on loans/debts, this was very helpful. I especially like the “tip” on Credit Card Balance Transfer. Also, I glided through the article while reading; thank you for not using much jargon.


Very helpful article, though I still discourage those who want to transfer funds from their credit cards to their bank account. Some have high penalties that can eventually lead to huge paying debts. It is really important to read first and understand it’s terms and conditions.


Thank you for this article. It allows me to think and rethink about consolidating debts.


It is good to know that there are some alternatives of debt consolidation. But with this alternatives, the peer to peer lending got me interested. Aside from its easy to join I can also lend some with reasonable rate prices.
Thank you for this article and providing us knowledge about debt consolidation.


This is a great and very informing article. I’m amazed how uninformed I was on the available options to get debt consolidation loans at low interest rates. Thanks to this article I’m now well informed. It’s a very helpful one.

Peter Livingstone

The article presents an insightful analysis of the various strategies of acquiring debt consolidation loans. The debt consolidation loans can have a significant impact on both the lenders and the creditors. Among the debt consolidation loans, I believe that the most important one is the peer-to-peer lending since it creates an enabling environment for acquiring loans at lower interest. Thank you.


Very helpful information in the time of need especially with business interests which may or may not turn out as planned.


This is quite an informative read for someone in need of extra expenses but do not have the money for such. I do have a question, though: what would be a good transaction for a Bank Card Transfer? I understand, as you mentioned, its pros and cons, but what would be an ideal expense for you to consider Bank Card Transder as an option? Thanks! 🙂


This article really gives good information on where debtors can loan with a low interest. It gives an idea to everyone about debt consolidation loans and got the chance to choose which they prefer the most because all options are explained well.

Lily Green

You are very right using home equity to secure a
loan should be done with caution. I know many people who made mistake on this and suffer a big, big loss..


Thanks a ton for such informative article.It’s really helpful!

Nnaemeka David

thanks for the article. I think it was full of new information. i discovered that you mentioned Prosper’s loan market but there was no link to it. your readers would appreciate having a link. thanks


Thanks for catching that Nnaemeka, link added!


this article has been weaved well with valuable and sufficient information. It is very helpful because many are not aware of the content even though the terms are very popular and familiar.

Amalia Backus

the use of bank card transfers confuses me. I understand that it will allow one to, in a sense, start on a new slate. But they still have their dept, and they have to go through the fees and such of going through a new card.


Well as far as card transfers, this is a strategy that some use to transfer there high interest debt to a low or no interest card for a set period of time. This in essence buys the debtor some time to pay off or pay down their debt at a lower interest rate.

Thomas Cruz

his is definitely one good article worth reading. One gets to learn so much by simply learning from this.

Online Strategies

There diversified debt products available to choose from and selecting the right one requires a good amount of caution.

maria peralta

Great info, provided here, I never realized how important it was to consolidate debt. Thanks for the great information. Ill put it to good use.


Everyone needs money for many reasons and this article is just perfect for the people like us who is always on a lookout for a loan with low interest rate and this is where we can get,it has some other additional features to make things more easier and comfortable……

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