Debt Consolidation

Have you thought about debt consolidation? Debt consolidation is a means of taking all your debt and combining into just one debt with possibly lower payments and lower interest rate. While this has gotten to be popular among those with a lot of smaller debt like all other ways of debt relief there are pros and cons to debt consolidation.

The first and foremost thing about debt consolidation is the fact you take out a loan in which you pay off all your other debts leaving just the loan as your only debt. Having just one payment to meet a month can be a major relief for a lot of people.

The second thing great about debt consolidation is once you get all the small debts paid off and have just the loan left you are now caught up with your payments on everything so your credit rating will start to improve instead of further decline. As long as you make your one loan payment you are always making an improvement to your credit rating. Plus all the debt collectors will stop calling you which is another major stress relief.

While you may find the first two things major reasons to go out and get a loan so you can do debt consolidation, there are bad things about debt consolidation. These you are problems you need to fix at the same time you get your loan, otherwise you will end up in the same boat a few years later.

The problem people run into with debt consolidation is, in a few years they end up right back in the same spot they are before the consolidation. Debt collectors are calling and they are behind on payments again. This happens because while they fixed the debt problem they didn’t fix the cause. The cause is them, they didn’t change their spending habits so over time they are right back where they started.

If you want to change your financial situation with debt consolidation you have to change your spending habits as well. This is the only way you will successfully resolve your debt problems. Over spending and using credit trying to have more money a year than you make will always come out with you in debt and the more years this goes on the deeper in debt you will become. So before you do a debt consolidation, change your habits, close credit accounts when you pay them off, and don’t take out more credit until you completely pay off the consolidation loan. Then once you get things under control, don’t let your spending get out of control again.

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