Debt Validation Letter Sample

This article is written for the purpose to provide people like you with some debt validation letter sample ideas. It is somewhat difficult to provide a full debt validation letter that will automatically work for your situation. So instead I am offering my expert opinion on what should be included when writing a debt validation letter.

For those of you who are looking into sending debt validation letters in the near future and need to see some serious results, I strongly recommend visiting This site provides a large amount of debt validation letter samples as well as expert advice on when and how to send debt validation letters. I would not risk sending debt validation letters without first consulting this website.

Before we get into the debt validation letter sample ideas, I want to reinforce to you that each credit card debt situation is different. The ideas that I am providing are only meant as ideas and are not meant to be the perfect answer to all situations.

The first debt validation letter sample idea I want to share with you is more of a general rule that has to do with the beginning of the letter. I have seen countless people forget this rule and end up nullifying the effects of the debt validation letter. The rule is that you should never admit or agree that you owe the creditor or debt collector money. The fact that you owe money is under dispute and it needs to stay that way!

This next tip I want to share with you is something that I find the majority of creditors doing to get consumers to make payments. The creditor will often state that they loaned you money and that they are simply collecting on the loan amount. If you think about it a credit card and a loan are quite different and you did not agree to receive a loan. I strongly recommend stating this and requesting proof of validation that the creditor loaned you their own money to use on your credit card.

I hope that these debt validation letter sample ideas will come in handy when you are writing debt validation letters. Again I strongly recommend not cutting any corners when it comes to sending these letters. I have seen countless times when clients of mine have sent extremely well written debt validation letters and it stops all collection efforts. Do yourself a favor and figure out exactly what should be in your debt validation letter.

Alan Henry has been assiting people prepare the debt validation letter sample to beat creditors for a long time and maintains a website on the topic of the debt verification letter where you can answers many of your questions.

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