Equifax Credit Report Are Actually A Critical Company Tool For More Than A Millennium

Credit reports unfortunately are a fact of life. If you need a substantial sum of money and have to borrow it, this report will be checked so work with through Equifax coupons. The information it contains will be the yardstick for the lender to decide whether you will get the loan or not. It will also be the major instrument in determining what terms will be offered to you. Equifax, established in 1899 as The Retail Credit Company, is one of the three biggest companies in the credit information business. It has more than a century of experience in this field.

The implications of computerizing files in the 1970’s were that details of credit holders would be much easier to view for a wider range of people. This could have far reaching implications for the privacy of people. Hearings took place in front of US Congress. This resulted in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This act meant that consumers would have more rights in future concerning the information about them that could be revealed by credit agencies with credit monitoring services.

The Retail Credit Company decided to change its name in 1975 and Equifax was born. This company has its head office in Atlanta, Georgia. Equifax has become a household name worldwide and you will find it in the NYSE listings.

The company expanded its services over time to other countries. It now operates globally. The company has annual revenue of one and a half billion US dollars and more than seven thousand employees in fourteen countries. The firm has always been active, mainly in the business-to-business sector. It is a role player in a variety of industries. Customers include banks and other financial institutions. It also offers its services to health care providers, retailers, and suppliers of utilities, firms selling insurance, government agencies and others.

Today, Equifax does far more than just sell credit reports. It also provides demographic data, business analytics, as well as software. It provides detailed information of payment history to loan providers. In making a decision, their clients have all the necessary data to make informed decisions whether to grant a loan or not. Businesses may also use this information to decide what products or package to offer a potential customer into account when deciding what services or products to offer as well as the applicable terms.

The firm also offers various products aimed at consumer assistance. Some of them can also help an individual discover unauthorized activity such as fraud or identity theft. Debt Wise is a tool you can use to try and get out of a debt situation quicker. The credit lock service gives the individual a greater degree of control when it comes to allowing people to view information. It is a good way of keeping unauthorized eyes out of files that they really do not need to see.

The law requires credit agencies to make available one disclosure file on their credit to US citizens every year. This is free and may be obtained online. This file contains valuable information and should be thoroughly inspected by the consumer regularly.

It is really not that difficult to have a good credit rating. The secret can be summarized in three words. Pay your bills. If you do find yourself in an unfavorable position, good advice is to avoid so called repair companies. They are usually all talk and no deeds.

Through the years, many loan firms and many customers have experienced good service from Equifax for credit monitoring services. It is crucial that you have a reliable firm taking care of your credit details. Do your part by checking your credit report trough Equifax coupons.

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