Factors To Consider When Looking For A Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

Sometimes debts can overwhelm you and make your life really unbearable. In such a situation, your only hope is to have a fresh financial start. Fortunately for such people, there are laws that allow them to apply for insolvency thus granting them a new start in their finances.

The only problem here is that the laws governing insolvency are very complex that not any other person can interpret them. Because of this, you will need to hire a competent bankruptcy lawyer to help you push for new financial start. When looking for insolvency attorney, the following tips may be handy.

Experience: Your initial consideration should be experience. There are several law firms that have been in existence for a number of years. You should not be swayed by this but those cases similar to yours that the attorney has successfully handled.

Fees: Another factor is the professional fee. Money is always an object when it comes to choosing a competent insolvency solicitor. Legal fees and other charges cannot always be avoided when filling for insolvency. The only thing you could do over them is to hire an attorney who is affordable. This means that you have to window shop for the most affordable lawyers.

Credentials: To be a solicitor, one must always graduate from a reputable law school. However, even with the best grades, they will still not be eligible to represent you unless they have been licensed by the local bar. Because of this, it is very important to ensure that an attorney is licensed to practice in your area before choosing him/her.

Success Rate: The success rate of the attorney is another factor that should be considered. Insolvency cases are always very complex, because of this, you need someone who has full understanding of these laws and has excelled well in most of his/her related cases. This will to some extent increase your chances of success.

Chemistry: The chemistry between you and the solicitor you choose will also dictate the outcome of your application. This is because the two of you will have to work closely with each other. This can only be achieved if you have a good understanding with the barrister. Because of this, your final decision should always be based on your guts and not what other people are saying.

The above are some of the important factors that may be useful when looking for a good bankruptcy lawyer. To find such an expert, definitely due your due diligence in order to find a legitimate and well qualified bankruptcy attorney. You may need to seek referrals from previous insolvency victims. This could really give you an inside view on what a good bankruptcy lawyer can do for you.

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Facing bankruptcy can be very hard. You have to pay fees and pay the lawyer. I now know the things to consider. Great article!


This makes me feel very grateful for not being bankrupt. This seems like it would be so stressful, but it’s really nice to have it laid out for people who may need it. I’ve seen someone go bankrupt, and it wasn’t a pretty site. Maybe if they had read this they could have picked a better lawyer and come out of it better


The tips this article provides are good ones if you have already done sufficient research on bankruptcy yourself. In my experience you always have to know as much, if not more, about the topic for which you are contracting a professional.


After reading the article I’m seriously wondering how far I am from bankruptcy. My debt isn t outrageous at this point, though paying everything off at this stage in life is out of the question. I’m one winning lottery ticket away from paying off all debts and bills and making a few good purchases!


Good article, In my opinion debt is really a overwhelming position, fresh start is really great and hiring bankruptcy lawyer is super solution and it is good decision, all the above suggestions are really helpful to all.


I found this article helpful for a couple of reasons. Most importantly the stress that is involved when one feels the need to search for help over debts can make you feel really vulnerable. This feeling could lead to settling with the first lawyer you contact because of a feeling that you don’t deserve it or have the right to shop around a bit and find one that you feel you have a good chemistry with. Also the importance of finding someone who has high success rates in similar circumstances to your own. Very informative and level headed advice.

Cris Ju

I once had good chemistry with a lawyer and down the road he could not give straight answers to my questions, would give me incorrect information etc. Although this was not an insolvency procedure, I think that knowing how other insolvency victims did with an attorney is the by far the best recommendation. But problem is how do you find other insolvency victims if you do not know one already?


Having to have a good chemistry with your financial lawyer seems to be something that is overlooked by many, as it is something I wouldn’t consider before reading this article. Thank you for the informative read.

Angel Healy

The main issue in here is getting a high confidence lawyer wich you can trust and also you have to be aware of the interests of the lawyer itself, nobody works for free. After you got your lawyer, go ahead and apply the 5 pro tips the article mentions.

Rahmat Herutomo

I think we also need to find a forum, an online forum of people who share their experiences in dealing with bancruptcy lawyers. This kind of forum is very important for people who need a source of informations shared by people who have experienced finding good bancruptcy lawyers.

Sharaf Mohammad I Ahmed

In my personal opinion, I think that the article was very helpful and informative, especially the five tips that were recommended. I’d also like to add that another important factor to consider before hiring a good Bankruptcy Lawyer is his/her reputation.
Nevertheless, this is still a good article. Let us just hope and pray that no one has to EVER hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer, but if that is the case, then I suppose the tips would be very helpful in finding one.


I agree that chemistry between client and attorney is the most important factor in determining the outcome of your case. At some level there is a minimum level of competency in all lawyers, but for your own outcome, there is no substitute for that gut feeling you get when you look at someone in the eye and you feel he’ll do you right.

Justine Miurina

I definitely agree with all the terms mentioned above. The most important part i would say is to trust your feelings, trust your own guts who to choose as your lawyer as it is not only the person you will work closely with but also the person you will be very transparent about your finance and other details.

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