Facts Surrounding The Online Bankruptcy Process

There are various online bankruptcy services available, yet, an individual can not file bankruptcy online. There are services online available that help you to compile an appropriate bankruptcy petition.

You can also obtain online help from a bankruptcy petition preparer online that will help you to prepare your bankruptcy application according to the required format. Still you as an individual are not able to file bankruptcy online. You are still required to physical take your application to court in person.

There is no doubt that online bankruptcy services helps a lot to prepare your bankruptcy petition. Bankruptcy services online makes it possible to spare yourself a number of expensive visits to the office of a bankruptcy attorney.

The number of websites that provide bankruptcy filing services are endless and they provide individuals with equal services of that of a bankruptcy lawyer, with the exception that an attorney will be able to submit the application online. The cost of these online services are remarkable less than that of attorneys because their overheads are much less that that of an attorney with an office to maintain.

Because people do not need to face more embarrassment by explaining their financial and personal situation in person to an individual face to face, these online bankruptcy services are especially popular. Although you will still have to submit your application in person, you can save on traveling cost to a lawyer office and the consultation fees.

As mentioned, attorneys have the privilege granted by the bankruptcy courts to submit bankruptcy petitions online. The purpose of this is to speed up the application and review process of bankruptcy petitions. Bankruptcy lawyers compile the petition just as an online service would and submit it as a PDF document to the relevant court. You still need to provide the attorney with the relevant personal information.

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