Financial Products for Consumers Fast Facts

For the public to participate in the establishments and government agencies’ quest to get financing, they can avail of the numerous financial products for consumers being offered. Kinds are identified based on the risk and returns they present. To better decide on which instrument to take, getting to know them would be necessary.

Potential creditors are invited to extend their financial assistance to the government departments as well as private companies by taking part in bonds. These bonds are issued for a longer term of repayment and creditors are guaranteed of their profits through the fixed interest rates they predetermine and provide to the issuers.

In contrast, the Treasury bills or T bills issued by the government are payable for a matter of less than a year, the longest being six months. They are passed to address the short term financing needs of agencies and investors can gain profit that amounts to the difference between the face value and the price at which the T bill was issued.

Short term notes are more or less similar to government bonds in that their interest rates are fixed; however, they are issued by financing institutions such as banks for a period of one to five years. These tap issues can be subscribed to at anytime of the year unlike government bonds that can only be available four times annually.

People can also invest by buying shares from certain establishments. In doing this, they are guaranteed to received dividends annually or several times a year, and are allowed to partake in the decision making processes for the companies. Companies offer these to again finance, continue and expand their operations.

Brokerage firms, banks and insurance companies also offer investment funds which are also forms of shares. The only difference is that instead of focusing on the manufacturing of goods or provision of services, their focus is more on real estate assets and insurances.

Warrants and options are instruments issued for citizens to buy and sell rights on the shares. Warrants take effect for a longer period in contrast with the other and they also have more potential for increasing the capital.

Investors and creditors can better decide on what to do with the financial products for consumers if they consult an expert on these matters. This would allow them to better assess their potentials of earning more by knowing all the rules and regulations governing the instruments.

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