History of Check Routing Numbers

Have you ever enquired what that 9 digit number is in the bottom left area of your bank checks? A great many people have this question. In point of fact, almost 50,000 people search for transit number associated key terms in search engines like google every month.

The routing numeral is likewise often called a transit number or aba number. It is made up of a 9 digit codification and it is utilized in the USA. The individual aim of this number is to find the depository financial institution or financial organization from which the cash referred to on the check is to be withdrawn.

With so many depository financial institutions in existence at this moment, this number is really helpful to the depository financial institution taking a deposit of a check in deciding where they need to get the money. It was at one time a difficult labor to determine where bank checks were written from. In fact, this trouble has historically been exploited by outlaws to commit fraud against bank buildings.

Therefore, this numerical scheme was developed to streamline and clarify the process for clearing houses and for banks. This has helped in the reliable conveyance of money between banking concerns on behalf of their clients for years now.

This system has even been developed. The serialized number makes it easier for information processing systems to understand and employ the data and as recently as 2004 it has been used to transmit electronic bank checks often referred to as echecks or EFTs (electronic funds transfer). This started out with the passage of the Check 21 Act which has helped to reduce the reliance on paper bank checks by making it allowable to make digital copies of bank checks.

This practical number representation system dates all the way back to 1910 when the American Bankers Association (ABA) organized it to help interbank relations. It has been applied ever since to help the banking system to run smoothly.

Can you conceive of trying to keep track of over 26 thousand different banks that issue cheques? As a banker you would be swept over with work trying to determine where to get your money! This is exactly the trouble that the ABA has successfully helped to solve since 1910.

About 26,895 routing numbers are actively used in the USA today. This is because every financial organisation must have one by law. That means that every depository financial institution must have an ABA number supplied to them before they open their doors.

The cheque routing number is an important development in the history of banking. It has served to improve the efficiency of banks. It has aided in improving the security of banks. It has even helped improve the way we transfer money over the net.

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