How Can You Buy Gold Safely

If you’re looking for a way to feel more in control about your wealth, you should consider buying gold. Real estates and shares are really good ways to invest money, but their value can fluctuate a lot and when you will decide to sell you might find yourself in the situation to lose money. Instead the value of gold remains quite high and it is universally recognized.

Gold comes in many shapes and weights. According to the money you want to invest you can buy gold bars, jewelry or coins. Each one comes with specific problems and although it is easy to buy gold it is best to know a few things in order to best suit your interest. Gold bars are bigger so they are harder to trade with and harder to protect. For jewelry you pay not only for the gold but for the artistic value of the entire object. Although in time the artistic value is usually more appreciated you can also have some unpleasant surprises when you want to sell them. It is also harder to have a certificate over the purity of the precious metal. Gold coins are the easiest to trade with. Those made lately have a controlled quality and their value is mainly the value of the metal they’re made of.

Buying gold coins is really easy, but you still need to know a few things about them before you purchase. There are many types of gold coins. They can be differentiated by their weight, their age or the metal purity. Gold coins circulated for thousands of years like currency starting with the Chinese Yuan Ying, and followed by others like the Roman Aurei and Solidi, the Dacian Kosons or the Venetian Ducats. Lately gold coins are no longer used as money but rather as bullion pieces. Some of them are the English Gold Sovereign, the French Rooster Coin and the Chinese Good Fortune Coins. If you want to buy old gold coins consider the fact that their value depends a lot on their frequency. Take for example the Dacian Kosons: they are pretty rare and quite old (2000 years). Two hundred years ago nobody knew they ever existed, one hundred years ago they where less then ten known and they were extremely expensive, thirty years ago a major discovery brought out tens of such coins and their value dropped radically. Contemporary gold coins don’t come with such risks, as their value is mainly the intrinsic value of the metal they’re made from.

So where you can buy what you want? Avoid the “deal of a life time”-type of business. Although it might seem cheaper, the result can be quite disastrous for your investment. The best and safest way to buy gold is from certificated dealers. They need a special license to sell gold and they can lose that very easily if they are dishonest. Ask for their credentials. You can also search online for other buyers’ opinions and even ask the advice of a specialist.

It is best if you keep your newly acquired coins in a deposit box. This way you will not worry for their safety, but you can enjoy their “precious” help when you need it.

The traditional engraving and the 22 carat precious metal, make the Gold Sovereign coins a great opportunity for all those interested, coin collectors and investors alike.

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