How The Use Of Credit Monitoring Can Help Curb Identity Theft


It will be unbelievable for anyone who finds that crooks have robbed their identity for their personal gains. Identity theft is a common crime that the Federal trading commission has reported to be on the hike and millions of citizens have fallen victims of this epidemic.

Credit monitoring enables you prevent unauthorized use of your personal information ensuring that the act is detected in a timely manner.

The revolution in the digital world has led to the rise in cyber crime, and computer hackers have taken advantage of loopholes in the system that could enable them to access your personal details like your home address, credit card details and social security number – and wreak havoc on your life!

Major credit reporting agencies (and other third-party services) are now on the lookout for these crooks and have now developed tools to detect all forms of crime promptly and make the necessary deterring measures.

The agencies monitor your information through a number of technologies to detect an initiation of theft of your identity. If anyone attempts to apply for an account using your details, a notification is sent to the agency who in turn lodges an investigation to stop the act. This will also apply to unauthorized use of credit cards.

You can combine a number of agencies to take note of theft. Most all credit bureaus offer some form of credit monitoring which will make it very difficult for a hacker to pass their security measures since they use different technology to protect unauthorized access. You will be alerted immediately if any of the bureaus is suspicious of a criminal act.

Together with monitoring the credit you will be provided with a report of all your annual expenditure. This will enable you to conduct an audit on the expenses and amend the errors and omissions that accrue with the report on annual basis. In addition, the bureaus will close all the account that you are not using to make sure all of your details are well covered.

Though monitoring is a high profiled security measure, other strategies should be observed to see through the prevention of unauthorized access. All the documents that contain personal information should be kept out of access by the public and enhancing secrecy of your password is very important. The password should be unique and you should not respond to unknown emails requiring your details.

It is important to prevent your personal information from access of unwanted people because they can use it to commit crimes of all manners. Credit monitoring will therefore ensures that cheaters will not use your details at any cost. Although credit monitoring is not a free service, it is far less than the cost of identity theft.

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Rowaida Saleh

Thankfully, I have never had my credit card information taken. I guess you could a lot of it is because I never put my credit card on websites that I’m not sure are 100% legit. However, I have had a friend who got his information stolen and he went through hell trying to fix the issue and the stress he had to deal with it. He does not know how it got taken but he does remember putting it on a website that he now knows should have never trusted in the first place. He learned his lesson though! He has LifeLock now, which is one of the biggest companies to combat identity theft in America. I don’t know what I’m waiting for; I personally don’t have LifeLock, even though I should. I probably should learn how to be proactive before I regret it later in the future.


Had a few bucks lifted from my credit card once. Luckily, the bank stepped in and shut the whole process down before they could snag too much. Still, I’ve been nervous about it ever since.

Susan Haas

I have never really considered having my credit monitored but it does sound like a good idea in this age of technology. It seems as if there are many different ways to steal someone’s credit and assets so having an eye on it would probably catch suspicious activity early on.

sandra delgado

I have have never heard of Credit monitoring but I guess anyone with large funds wouldn’t want to take a chance. I’m glad we live in a world where technology has gone so far and we can feel safe from computer hackers and identity theft.


There’s nothing worse than having your identity stolen. It happened to me. Ever since then I have my credit monitored and nothing has happened since then. Wish I would have done it sooner.


This is something I found out about the hard way. By that I mean I got sued for a debt that wasn’t mine. The thief hadn’t even been particularly clever or sneaky, I just wasn’t paying attention to my credit. Eventually it got fixed, but it was a gigantic headache. I just wish I had this service before it happened.

eric e

Some credit card issuers offer free credit monitoring, usually for the first year. Check with your credit card provider and don’t let this perk go unused!

Arran Wratten

I once had someone buying things from eBay using my PayPal. Took ages to resolve too. A service like this really could have saved me the headache. Honestly it is frustrating to know somebody else has access to some of your details and can use it to their own personal gain. Definitely something I will look into.

Jhanna Gib

Identity theft has gotten more common lately that it’s scary. Your identity could be stolen anytime. I’m thinking maybe I should try out credit monitoring to protect my identity but I still have to know what the drawbacks are.

Joe Lewis

I once had someone take out a loan using my stolen identity. It would have ruined my credit if I hadn’t put credit monitoring in place to detect those kinds of things. It’s definitely important to keep an eagle eye on your credit report and sign up for monitoring from the major bureaus, or even third party firms, to keep your credit safe!

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