How To Answer A Credit Card Summons

Many consumers all wonder how to answer a credit card summons. Answering a credit card summons is generally the same process for everyone. However, there are few things to keep in mind when deciding how to answer a credit card summons. I am going to go over some basic need to know items in this article to help you answer properly.

Often consumers are intimidated when they receive a notice of summons. They sit and try to decide how to answer a credit card summons and finally come to the conclusion that it might be better if they decide not to answer and pretend that it didn’t happen. This is always a bad option! By not answering a summons you will automatically lose. This is what the creditor wants you to do!

I hope that you have now decided to never run away from a summons. The fact of the matter is that it is not complex to answer a summons. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided and show up or do whatever you are being summoned to do. Some people may still feel like going along with a summons is going to hurt their case. The fact is that it wont. After arriving in court is where what you know or don’t know will begin to make a huge difference.

In my opinion asking how to answer a credit card summons is the wrong question to be asking. The truth is that the majority of credit card debt lawsuits are won or lost based off the amount of knowledge that the consumer has of the legal system. I recommend spending your time learning about the legal system instead of worrying about the summons.

Like I have previously hinted towards, knowledge will be your best ally in the courtroom. To show you are a legally educated consumer, you should request proof that the creditor had money in their possession that they then loaned to you for your credit card. It is also wise to request that your valid signed and dated contract be produced to know what you agreed to. If you do these things the opposing attorney will definitely be shocked and his or her assumption that you have little legal knowledge will be blown out of the water.

To answer the question of how to answer a credit card summons is simple just answer it legally! Do not run away from it or pretend that you were not summoned. If you do you will surely lose the case against you. Instead, spend your time and effort preparing to face the opposing attorney. By doing this you will be much more likely to achieve a favorable ruling.

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