How To Choose a Credible Bankruptcy Attorney

The past couple of years have been extremely hard for the economic climate of the United States. Also up to now, some citizens have not recovered from the results of retrogression. This is why many people are seeking information concerning how to choose a credible bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy is a recourse that some citizens take also without recognizing its impact. It is true that some provisions of the law enable residents to be discharged from a couple of their debts. However that does not indicate there are no consequences included. You can suffer from high rate of interest in your future loans for the next 15 years or so since of being broke.

Additionally, you can possibly suffer from discrimination too. You may discover it harder to locate a new employer if you have a bad credit history. You may additionally have to deal with the preconception of being branded by additional people. Thus, you have to have your current economic situation fully examined.

To appropriately assess whether bankruptcy is the greatest solution for you, getting legal support is necessary. This is when employing a lawyer would be needed. Lawyers will look into your work background, your present debts, your monthly expenses and your assets to see if you can easily qualify. Lawyers will also contrast your earnings with the state’s average earnings.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

For customers whose income is way lower than the average, they can be admitted for a Chapter 7 filing. Chapter 7 permits releases from one’s unsecured debts such as student loans and medical facility bills. Nonetheless, to pay off these debts, you need to surrender some of your non exempt properties for liquidation. The kind of properties to be surrendered will depend on the amount to be paid.

On the other hand, if your income is greater than the average, Chapter 13 filing might be advised for you. Chapter 13 will give you a restructured means of paying for your debts. Every month, you will certainly pay a consolidated fee to the authorities. The authorities will care for distributing respective percentages to your creditors.

For the estimation outcomes to be precise though, you need to ensure to get attorneys with good backgrounds. The industry of bankruptcy law is really profitable. That is many lawyers choose to focus on it. Regardless, you still have to do comparison shopping based on particular qualities in order to get the best results.

You ought to always try to find a bankruptcy attorney who is very much experienced in the field. But don’t just take their word for it, you should call the references they supply you and verify with the authorities concerning their adeptness, consumer service and efficiency in doing the job.

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Bankruptcy pushes people to make foolish decisions, but what do you expect? With desperation mounting, we fail to exercise our options carefully and properly, even selecting bankruptcy lawyers with no criteria at all. Plus we even know little about the process, much less have the time to research about it. This article is indeed an eye-opener.

witness achika ondieki

chapter 13 is quite informative for individuals whose income is above average. It shows how the authorities split the fee paid by an individual to the respective creditors.


Horrible situation to be stuck in. It’s one of those areas that’s best to think about way before you need to, like preventative medicine and prenuptial agreements. I know a couple of people that are going through this and recovery is possible but it does require a lifestyle change… Whether you’re in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you’re going to have to live a cash lifestyle. Which, honestly, I don’t think is a bad thing. Too many of us are dependent on credit and debt.

Ruchi Gupta

The option of chapter 7 or 13 depending on income was an eye opener. Had I not read this article I would not have known about these options. It is quite informative


Really thorough and helpful. It was a big help for me when deciding on an attorney. Thanks!


This is a topic that really terrifies me to think about. I’m close to graduating from college and all of the debt that I have spent the past few years accumulating is going to need repaid soon. I hope I’m able to find a job that will allow me to pay it off in a timely manner.


This article reminds me of the difficulties a friend has struggled with for several years and although she had an attorney, she came to me asking my opinion on how she should proceed. Sadly I had no idea of how to help her because I lacked knowledge, experience, or time to delve into resources for answers. Instead of seeking information on reputation or call on his references she took the attorney’s advice. If she had of done a little “comparison shopping” and made inquiries it could have saved her a lot of stress and loss. Unfortunately she still cannot obtain a checking account to this day.

Thanks DEBTGURU for this valued information. Next time I will in the least have ideas of how to proceed and be helpful to someone on the brink of debt destruction.

Marlena George

I know for myself, lack of research, is partially what got me into my financial difficulties. I watched a close friend go through declaring bankruptcy for himself, without a lawyer. Sure he saved some money, but he has had to deal with a lot of little hangups over the years since then. A bankruptcy lawyer would have been able to smoothly guide him through the system. From his experience, I know that if I do declare bankruptcy, I will find a good lawyer.

Luke Moissinac

Bankruptcy is definitely a very traumatic life event: most people think that it is the end of a normal life. However, as the article points out, with a good attorney one can survive a personal bankruptcy and rebuild a decent life through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. This makes locating an experienced and skilled bankruptcy attorney a top priority. Do your homework, check each attorney’s references and you could very well emerge from the situation stronger and wiser.

Marcy G

Although declaring bankruptcy may cushion the blow from your losses, I totally agree that it might do more harm than good in the long run. I’ve seen so many people with bad credit who have struggled to regain financial stability, so it is still very important, first and foremost to take good care and monitor your finances, especially when taking great risks with your money. What’s vital in finding the right bankruptcy lawyer is not just looking at his credentials. It is also important to check his experience, and his/her full understanding of what you’re going through, both technically and personally.

Daryl X

Bankruptcy has always been taught to me as a crippling smudge on a persons financial record. I too agree that an attorney of law is the best person to advise on whether to file for bankruptcy, although I sure hope I never have to.

Alma Espin

It is emotionally and mentally hard enough for oneself to declare bankruptcy . Never mind the social and financial stigma, but if you had come to that decision, the least you can do is surround yourself with the most prepared people in the business to help you go through this process and make it as smooth as possible. We should always do our research before hiring someone for this task.

Ema Hashim

As a recent fresh grad, the thought of paying off my student loan for many many years to come along with the rising cost of living is a scary thing to ponder. I hope to have a proper financial planning as to not fail financially and resort to filing for bankruptcy in the future. This article managed to shed some light for me on this matter, thank you.

Rita Espina

This is an interesting read about what is possible to happen during hard times. I agree that it is worthwhile to get help from an experienced attorney and do a background check on the lawyer. People need credible and efficient advice. I hope I will never have to file for bankruptcy, though.

Kissee Ceniza

This is quite helpful but needs to be explained much further. I guess every big businesses needs to have their own attorneys or lawyers in the outset so if and when there is a need to decide about legal issues, they are there to assist with its making. However, with small-income enterprises, they tend to not need these professionals when starting so if there is a need for them to go bankrupt, it would already be hard for them to cope up. It would be best if you would give more advices for these small businesses e.g., getting a lawyer before bankruptcy erupts or even getting one before starting a business, for them to reckon with.


Yes I agree to the 3rd paragraph that you will suffer discrimination if you experienced bankruptcy but If a private employer refuses to hire you because of a poor credit history—not because you filed for bankruptcy you may have little recourse. Unfortunately, other forms of discrimination in the private sector aren’t illegal. If you seek to rent an apartment and the landlord does a credit check, sees your bankruptcy, and refuses to rent to you, there’s not much you can do other than try to show that you’ll pay your rent and be a responsible tenant.

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