How To Deal With A Debt Collector

I know so many people that are constantly in debt. While I know it’s common for people to go into debt because of overspending on frivolous things like clothes and accessories, most of the people I know are in debt because of their education.

They all go to really expensive colleges and they are taking out huge student loans, but they’re still left with a bill to pay. I’m not in debt because my school wasn’t too expensive, but I feel bad for my friends that are struggling to keep up with college payments. They even tell me that they’ve spoken to a debt collector because of their overdue payments.

When you’re speaking to a debt collector on the phone, there are certain things you should keep in mind. You don’t want to make the mistake of doing something that will make dealing with the debt collector even harder than it has to be.

There are a lot of terrible debt collection agencies out there that will harass people with constant phone calls and try to intimidate people. But there are also some agencies that do their job properly, so follow these tips to make your situation as painless as possible.

The first thing you should do when you get a call from a debt collector is verify your debt. You want to make sure that the debt they’re trying to collect is really one that you’ve incurred. You also want to make sure the amount is correct. I’m not saying that they’re trying to take advantage of you, but you never know, they could have made a mistake, and you don’t want to end up paying more than you actually owe.

Now if you really don’t think that the debt is yours or you think the amount is too high, you can always write a letter explaining this and you should get a response verifying the debt in writing.

Finally, when you reach an agreement with the collector, be sure to get it in writing. Also, never let them take the money directly out of your bank account.Something else to keep in mind when you’re dealing with debt collectors is that you can negotiate.

Another tip for dealing with debt collectors is to negotiate. Debt collectors are people too, and they could be swayed to allow you to pay a lower balance. You have to start by explaining that you have a lot of other expenses and you can’t afford the balance they are asking for. You have to make sure they know that you want to pay off this debt and you’re doing everything you can to make good.

There’s still more to do after you finally settle your debt with the debt collector because now you have the future to think about. After you pay off this debt, you want to make sure you get your credit back on track so you can rid yourself of these financial hardships.

Some of the things you should do are pay your bills on time, keep your utilization ratio down, and not shop around for credit – at least until you’ve gotten credit counseling and they have deemed that you’re responsible enough and in a position that you can handle it now.

I’ve given you a few tips for handling debt collectors and advice for managing your finances in the future, and if you follow this you should be able to get yourself back on track financially.

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Whether the debt collection agency is threatening or humane, you should not avoid their calls. Try to work out an arrangement with them, or tell them what you can do for now to payoff the debt. But remember not to overcommit! Or you’ll get into a lot more debt. But these are great tips, bud!


Debts are really hard to settle, especially with very difficult financial constraints. Your blog has really helpful tips on how to deal with these collectors. I think it’s also very important to stress that managing finances should be prioritized. I keep a tracker of my debts incurred, due dates and even a budget for the month in one of my google sheets, always accessible anytime.

Arish Hussain

I completely agree with your article, debt collectors can be persuaded to lower debt amounts for a temporary period while you get financially stable. However like you said, people should try to prevent large debts so they do not impact their credit score which in turn can impact their futures. It is vital that every individual in debt seek informational guides such as this to better comfort dealings with debt scenarios.

Vishal Rana

Really, debt collectors can be quite irritating sometimes and their modus operandi is to slowly force you psychologically and subconsciously to pay off and get rid of your debt. Negotiations with a debt collector is one of the best things that you can do to save yourself from such a nightmare. The best way to be financially secure is to never overspend on frivolous things. Remember, if you are buying something today that you don’t need in the first place, then you’ll have to sell things that you really need in the future.


I need to remember this in the future because talking with debt collectors can be really stressful. Thank you for the information because my goal right now is getting my credit back on track. So negotiating the cost of the debt can really make this goal achievable.


I wish I’d had this bit of advice when I ran into this same problem a few years ago. I had a total shark harass me for nearly a month before I finally reported the number. Their company called me offering to consolidate everything and I was so desperate to get out of debt, that I immediately fell for that first call. When I asked them to provide verification that my money would in fact go toward my school loans, he got defensive and started saying things like ‘oh so I guess you DON’T have any interest in bettering your future, my daughter is working on finishing her degree and you’re not the type of person I’d want her to be influenced by. Think about that.’ Calls and voicemails from this “debt collector” kept coming and coming until I finally reported him and he almost managed to actually garnish my wages until my manager told me she thought something was off about it. Big thing is, DEFINITELY do your homework when it comes to fixing your credit. I almost fell for it, and probably would have been worse off than I was.

Marie B.

Thank you for the tips. I have been struggling with debt collectors for a while now and they have been very harsh towards me. Your tips might help me get along with them.

Victoria Moss

For a lot of people, going into debt is inevitable when it comes to going to college/university and I know a few people that have been taken advantage of by debt collectors afterwards and end up paying for more than they should have so, I totally agree to get debt confirmation in print from them so that way YOU know the amount for sure and don’t just accept whatever is being told to you via surprise phone call.

Ross Hernandez

Sometimes we cannot avoid getting ourselves into a debt and soon having a hard time to fulfill our commitment on paying it in a timely manner. I agree in doing a polite negotiation with the collectors if in case you cannot able to pay them on time.

Ja T.

It’s nice that you also provided some ways on how to handle the financial situation after talking to a debt collector. Handling it in the present is important, but planning ahead is better. 🙂

David Tjoe

That’s why I’m not interested in having a debt :). And I really agree that all of these things can actually be negotiated. A good and detailed explanation here, thank you for the information.

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