How To Save Money: 22 Useful Guides

How To Save Money

If you want to be a smart consumer, then you need to learn how to save money as much as possible and enjoy great savings and less expenditure. Saving during economic crisis is very important as it helps you cope with your daily costs. Here is a list of ways you can avoid financial difficulty and save more money:

1. Spend a day window shopping. Yes, just spend a day browsing around different stores and comparing prices of the items you purchase the most. Once you figure out which offers the lowest value then you would know the right place to buy those items.

2. Try store brands. There are low-priced products available in stores which they call store brands. Try out some of these product lines and see if the quality is good. If you are satisfied with its worth then switch from private label brands and other more expensive brands to these store brands.

3. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Trust me, you’ll just ruin your budget just imagining gobbling down everything that you see! Eat a hearty meal before you go and your tummy will no longer put a trance over your mind. Plus you’ll have a slimmer waistline!

4. Avoid impulse shopping. There are times that you couldn’t resist buying things that are not your priority, avoid impulse buying by always making a list of the things you need to buy before you go shopping.

5. Buy the family sized cuts. When you buy meat or packages of poultry buy the family sized cuts. You can repackage them to the size your family needs on your meals before putting them in the fridge.

6. Know your seasons. Not the kind you sprinkle on your food. That’s good to know too, but what I’m talking about here is being aware of the seasons where different cooking ingredients as well as fruits have the best value and take advantage of it!

7. Never skip on your car maintenance. Getting your car fixed once it breaks down will cost you more than caring for it with regular routine maintenance. Also, regularly caring for your car will make it run longer.

8. Get regular gas. Just stick with a regular gasoline for your vehicle. It works just fine for most vehicles. High octane fuel is a good product but if it means spending more money then that means burning deeper holes into your pocket.

9. Consider buying a used car. Consider getting a used “pre-owned” vehicle over a new vehicle. Even if you can afford a new one, a used car will cost you far less. Also, keep in mind that unless it’s some super luxury or exotic vehicle, most new automobiles depreciate 30% time you drive it off the lot! So it’s really not worth it to spend your hard-earned money into buying something that will go down so quick in value. And besides, you don’t need more debts added to your burden.

10. Use cash more. Credit and debit cards are fine, but just don’t use them all the time. They can definitely give you a false sense of financial security being that you can rack up on spending because you don’t have to pay your bill right then & there. So this can make you prone to do lots of impulse shopping. If you lack self control, you might even want to consider leaving your cards at home when you go out to shop. Find a secure place to hide it to avoid impulse buying. You can just withdraw some amount to suffice for the whole week and don’t go beyond your budget.

11. Ditch print publications. If you really don’t read newspapers and magazines enough to to justify the cost, then why subscribe to them? Don’t waste your money, it’s best to just go ahead and cancel your subscription in that case. Also, instead of subscribing for print publications, you can find free versions of many newspapers and magazines online (as well as other useful information on virtually any topic). And if you just crave that print version, then you can likely find a free copy at your at your local library.

12. Be resourceful. Recycle, repurpose or donate your old clothes. You can also rip them apart and make sponges or rags. And as far as all that detergent you used to clean those clothes, you can purchase an all purpose cleaner rather than buying fancy individual cleaning supplies. Plus an all purpose clean can be used for more than just cleaning clothes! So WHAM double usage!

13. Purchase clothes off season or if its on sale – and choose classic styles which you can use more than once and can wear for years.

14. Grow your own garden. If you have a backyard, utilize it by planting vegetables or fruits. You no longer have to buy those items at the market when you can grow your own. It will likely be healthier for you too!

15. Buy in Bulk. Buying items in bulk costs less than purchasing individual wraps. Joining shopping clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco’s can enable you to get some mighty bulk deals.

16. If you have a baby, breastfeed. It is advisable to do it this way since studies have shown that babies who are breastfed are more healthy than those who are fed with formula in bottles. Why go for expensive formula when you can feed your baby for free and naturally? Processed baby foods are expensive as well. Cook nutritious food instead and feed your child in a more affordable and healthier way.

17. Save on babysitting services. Speaking of babies, there may be times where you need a babysitter. One thing you may be able to do is find a couple in your neighborhood whom you can barter babysitting services with – or perhaps ask a close friend or family member.

18. Give homemade gifts. You don’t always have to spend a ton of money on gifts. Sometimes you don’t really even have to spend any money at all. It is true that some of the best things in life are free. Creative hand-made gifts and homemade goodies such as pastries and cookies can turn out to be some of the best most heartwarming gifts that you could ever give a person. It’s like giving a part of yourself rather than something off a shelf.

19. Avoid too much dining out. You can save a lot of money and probably eat a lot healthier with home-cooked meals. But if you really want to go out and hang out with friends or family sometimes over a nice mean, then consider a picnic or potluck where everybody can bring something. This will be fun and cut down on your personal expenses.

20. Groom/Pamper yourself at home rather than doing it in barber shops or beauty parlors. Facials, manicures and pedicures are not so hard to do after all. You just need practice to be good at those. And as far as getting your hair cut or styled, you may find that you can save money and do a good job yourself, some with a bit practice:)

21. Usher your way into concerts. Like going to concerts? If you want to see concerts or plays there’s a way to be there for free. Volunteer to be an usher! And if really don’t have to be there, then sometimes you can see a free or lower cost pay-per-view version on cable or other digital TV.

22. Shop Online. Oftentimes, a better way to shop is to do it online. You’ll have a lesser chance of making impulse purchases and can actually shop smarter by reading different reviews and comparing different items in multiple online stores – all while sitting on your couch!

Now that you know more creative ways on how to save money, it’s time to put it into action. If you want to save more bucks, then there’s no better time to start than now!

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Most of the tips you gave I used are breastfeeding, buying in bulks and giving handmade gifts. Breastfeeding really saves money a lot. It worked on me. I have 3 children and all of them are breastfeed babies. See, I saved thousands on money instead of buying those formula milk which cannot even level the nutrients from a mother’s milk. I also buy in bulks and use counting the differences between buying each. And lastly, I really gave personal handmade gifts I research on the internet. Aside from it makes a thoughtful idea, it also saves money. So, I really recommend these tips also.

Cherry Torres

As for me, I’d recommend waiting more than a day before purchasing anything. One week is usually more than enough to let the excitement of impulse buying wear off and let reality set in 😉


Great tips! I am a big fan of window shopping.And shopping online. I do a lot of Amazon window shopping. I browse, add stuff to cart, then when I actually go to check out and see the price, I move what I don’t need to save for later. Saves a lot more money than going to Target and just adding it all into my real cart!

Attila Pal

This article is really helpful. I prefer to buy online because it helps me save time and MONEY.

Grammar Nerd

These are all great tips on saving money. However, the first thing I noticed before I began reading was the word “fullproof”. The correct word is foolproof. I’m a grammar nerd but the error diminishes your credibility

Tammy Rose

Buying clothes off season is a great tip! I started doing this about a year ago and you can easily save up to 75% if you shop bargains well. Shopping yard sales is also a great way to save money on clothes. Thanks for the amazing tips!

Michael Mills

Food has to be one of those expenses that always seems to be impossible to budget for correctly! Now I know why. I’ll be eating a hearty breakfast before I head out for my weekly shop from now on. Thanks for this, and many other great tips. This is a must-read article for anyone trying to save a little extra, especially the younger crowd. I’m forwarding this to my daughter right now!


I can agree with the ‘Avoid impulse shopping’ item, but how about you unexpectedly stumble upon something you really had dreamed about for a long time, and now it’s the best price you’ll ever find again? Currently it is not one of your priority things and you can live without it, but you know it’s a good fit and a reasonable choice. Should I miss the opportunity and then regret later?


Using cash more than credit cards or debit cards really helps saving money. Using credit cards like the article says, will make you feel like you are financially secure when in fact, it is just only a momentary feeling. Afterwards, bills will add up causing you to not save enough money. Shopping online greatly helps too! It will not only save your money but the regrets and efforts too.


Number 13 Purchasing your clothes off season is such a great piece of advice! I always do this and the savings made are huge!

Bonnie S. Kline

Inspiring article!

When it comes to shopping, sign up for the Loyalty Cards at your favorite stores. Using them allows you to earn points/money for future purchases. Also, combine coupons with sales to keep as much money, as possible, in your pocketbook.

Lastly, sign up for money-saving apps (Ibotta, Receipt Hog, Checkout 51, etc.) to earn back money while shopping at participating stores.


Opting to pay in cash most of the time is smart and it does require discipline when all you wan to do is whip out your credit card and charge! I am finding that paying in cash where possible has considerably lowered my stress level

Jaimee Jakobczak

I love number 9. I grew up in a decently wealthy suburban neighbourhood and most people there shudder at the idea of owning anything “used” which I think is absolutely absurd! I bought my Mazda 3 used, it had barely been driven, didn’t have a single scratch or anything – anybody that saw it would have assumed it was new but in fact I saved a few thousand dollars on it. I think it’s important not to let other peoples’ perception affect the way you make your financial decisions – at the end of the day, it’s your bank account that gets hit!

I also just started growing some herbs in the flower pots on my balcony last summer. I was getting tired of buying fresh basil and chives from the store, only to see so much of it go to waste. A couple bucks on some seeds and soil and I never have to buy them at the store, and I have more basil and chives than I could ever need!

Great tips!

Gerry Walsh

In my experience you can kind of combine number 2 and 22. It won’t be so much “store brands” that you’re seeing online but instead you can find a lot of “off brand” versions of popular brand products that will usually go for a fairer price. I know that exposes you to cheap knock offs but like it we know from reading number 22, there’s going to be reviews and ratings you can check beforehand to see if what you’re looking at is legitimate or not.

Alex P

Using cash for all the purchases you can is something that is really good for saving. I used to have a student account that waved debit fees and I never realized how much i could of spent for nothing until i lost it. Just take out the cash you need for the week or month and avoid ton of debit fees.

Rose Jean Surigao

All of these “how to save money tips” are really helpful specially nowadays that things are getting all expensive. Me personally in terms of shopping, I usually go to different malls and do some canvassing before deciding where to buy.

Muhammad Waqas

well i like these ideas put forth by the writer.Infact one can really save a big sum by following these valuable tips.I would make sure to spread the word to my neighbors and some other near and dears, so they can benefit as well.As for me,i have already been saving some by trying the store bands as mentioned in tip # 2.But i will make sure to follow all these tips to make sure, i can live a wealthy life some day.

A. Teresa Vargas

Number 10 and 22 really help by the end of the month or at pay day because if you do them, you can administrate your money in real time and you won’t be crying when you don’t have enough money to pay the bills. Adding to point 22, you can do “window shoping” online and save time and money when buying clothes because you know exactly what your going for and you won’t be spending time in things that probably at the end of the day, you don’t need.

Jacqueline Juarez

For #13, I usually go and buy clothes when on sale because I can pay less plus it has good quality the same brand others had bought during peak season. For me, it’s okay to buy late than spending too much. For #12, I often recycle things like my dress, I sometimes sell them as ‘used yet good clothes’ to my friends. Also, I give those away to my other relatives who cannot buy new clothes or even those kids on the street.

Dada Triviano

To make sure I save up, I automatically transfer a small percentage of my monthly earning to my personal bank account. Thremaining money will be paid for bills and my allowances.


absolutley agree with these ideas! And number 21 , I once volunteered as a crew for concert , along with that I was able to meet and greet the artist !

Oscar Castillo

I would always purchase the known brand products but ever since I started using store brand I can honestly not tell the difference. As for taking a day to go window shopping, I will definitely need to try that out. So, simple I almost feel silly not trying it before.

Nic G

These are really great ideas, and I need them because I am incredibly impulsive when it comes to spending money (I hear you #4)! Idea #12 really hit home with me because I think if more people could make the connection between saving money and saving the earth, we’d be so much more successful at both!

Terrie Tate

Although breastfeeding has been proven to be most beneficial for the mother and the child, it is not always possible. Some mothers don’t produce enough milk to satisfy their child and must supplement with formula. it’s important to make this clarification and not assume that all mothers are capable of performing this task.

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