How To Settle Debt Quickly

When most people hear the words, How to settle credit card debt their minds go straight to using a debt settlement company. In my experience you do not need to pay a company large sums on a monthly basis to get the knowledge to know how to settle credit card debt. That knowledge can be found elsewhere, but once found, the road to debt settlement is not extremely difficult.

Have you ever heard of 1099 imputed income tax? As an expert on teaching consumers how to settle credit card debt I feel obligated to warn you of this tax before you jump all the way into a credit card debt settlement agreement. 1099 imputed income tax is just one of the reasons why debt settlement may not be the right fit for your current credit card debt situation. I always suggest searching out all options before making an important decision.

If you decide that you want to go down the debt settlement path you need to learn a few more things to know how to settle credit card debt. Arguably the most important thing to understand is what motivates your creditor to offer settlements to other consumers. In most cases the creditor must feel that you are putting up a legitimate fight and know what you are talking about. Once the creditor feels this way they will often offer settlement agreements.

One mistake that I have often seen people make when trying to deter their creditor from collecting on their account is to send cease and desist letters. This is a huge mistake! Sending a cease and desist letter will almost always land you in a nasty credit card lawsuit. Once a lawsuit has been filed against you it can be somewhat more difficult to negotiate a quality settlement.

Once you have successfully made yourself a great candidate to receive a settlement offer, you then need to know what amount is a good settlement amount. Understanding this is crucial to learning how to settle credit card debt because if you don’t settle for a reasonable amount you may as well not settle at all. In my experience you should always aim for a settlement of less than a quarter of your original debt. This may sound ambitious to you but I have often seen settlements offered around 5% of the original amount.

I have one last word of advice for you that I gained in my years of teaching people how to settle credit card debt. Once you make yourself a hard enough target for collections, you can often negotiate to have your debt eliminate completely. When I say completely I mean no settlement whatsoever. Why am I telling you this, because I want you to get the best deal possible from your creditors? Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve!

To get the best information available on How To Settle Credit Card Debt, make sure you grab Alan Henry’s excellent Free Course on how to settle debts with a Debt Dispute Letter.

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