Information About Charitable Organisation Credit Cards

Even in today’s tricky economic times, people around the world still want to give to good causes and to feel that they’re doing their bit for society. Regrettably, when funds are stretched it can often be the charitable giving which are the first bits of expense to be sacrificed. So what would you think if you knew that you could carry on contributing to your favorite charity without any subsequent price to yourself, just by utilizing a credit card to buy the items you’d be purchasing anyhow?

Charity credit cards are a specific sort of credit card where a small portion of anything you spend is passed on to the cause which is linked with the card. The figures may perhaps seem small in themselves – a figure of a quarter of a percent of your expenditure being given is normal – but apply this across thousands or tens of thousands of cardholders and the total amount passed on can be appreciable, and very much welcomed by the nonprofit in question. Many cards also make a one off gift of a few dollars when you initially open the account, or when you arrive at a certain level of expenditure. Just as before, these donations really add together if enough consumers use the cards.

There are a lot of such cards on the market through which you can donate to an array of charitable causes, supporting causes from public health to overseas aid. Many such cards are provided by card company MBNA, although over providers do also have charity cards available.

Are charity cards advisable? Well, the fact that you’re giving by simply buying things is plainly a favorable thing, but is this the case with the other benefits of them? Basically, charity cards usually are fairly average relating to monthly interest, interest free offers etc. You in all likelihood wouldn’t pick one as your main card if you intend to hold a big balance, as there are other cards available in the market more apt for that.

If, however, you exclusively utilise one of these cards for routine spending, and pay off the balance every month so as to avoid paying any interest then it’s definitely worth thinking about. You really will be contributing to your favourite charity with absolutely no additional cost to yourself.

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