Information You Need To Know Before You Sell a Coin Collection

There comes a time in a coin collector’s life when the need to sell a coin collectionpresents itself. Whether the purpose is to clear space for a new collection or simply to generate cash for some other purpose, a coin collection can be very attractive to coin buyers, and as such, there may be more than a few people who are willing to pay top dollar to acquire it. However, those individuals who want to sell a coin collection should be patient enough to wait for the right offer before deciding to unload the collection.

Prior to selling a coin collection, it’s important to know which coins are in your coin collection. This is relatively easy for a coin collector to do, as some of them have been assembling coin collections for a good portion of their lives. Coin collectors are typically also familiar with the value of their coins, which can assist in determining whether or not they receive a fair offer for their coins.

While coin collectors may be very familiar with the coins that comprise their coin collection, there are other individuals that may be interested in selling a coin collection that are unfamiliar with coins, the coin industry, and the estimated value of the items. These individuals may have received a coin collection through an inheritance, an estate, or as a gift. For these individuals, it’s best that they have the collection appraised so that they have a better understanding of the value of the collection.

Still, being a numismatist, or expert in rare and old coins, also presents its share of problems. For example, many coin collection owners tend to “overvalue” their collections choosing to base their “personal appraisal” of the collection from the sentimental value it carries instead of the prevailing market demand. In this regard, many who want to sell coin collections get frustrated with the relatively lower quote that they might receive from coin dealers. This tends to be the norm rather than the exception. Instead of being put off, coin collectors can instead choose to obtain as many quotes as they would like to ensure that they’re receiving the best price possible when they sell a coin collection.

Another factor that will determine the value of a coin collection is whether you’re selling complete or partially complete coin types. Missing just a couple of key date coins from a set can dramatically impact the value. As a result, a coin dealer may just glance at a collection and provide a quote without apparently taking the time to evaluate all of the coins. This could be because the collection is missing the rare or key date coins from the collection, which may be the only coins that well at a premium to their underlying previous metals value. This should not be misconstrued by a seller as the coin buyer not being interested in the collection. Rather, many coin dealers have developed the ability to assess a collection in a matter of minutes.

While thus far we’ve been discussing the specific coins in a collection, it should be stressed that the key to success is identifying a reputable and honest coin dealer who is likely to pay the most competitive rates when you sell a coin collection. In fact, the most reputable of coin dealers will identify for you key date coins without your prompting and offer you a premium based on the rarity of the coins.

When taking this approach, the coin collector or individual selling the coin collection can be assured of receiving the best price out of the transaction; not to mention feel comfortable that the collection is going into good hands. By remembering these important facts, even novice coin collection sellers can sell a coin collection like an expert. Furthermore, you’ll know which coin dealers to approach in the future if the need arises.

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