Is Consolidating Credit Card Debt A Good Option?

A lot of people have questions and concerns about consolidating credit debt. Is this move a great idea? It can be in some instances, if certain methods are used and the related things are viewed. This step may not be a good option in some conditions though.

To determine whether debt consolidation is the greatest option in a particular circumstance there are many things that the individual will have to evaluate.

The first thing that needs to be examined is the number of credit card accounts that are open. Several consolidation strategies are more effective for several credit card bills while others are made for clients who only have 2 or 3 cards at the most. The overall amount of all the credit card balances will also play a role in the perfect method used. Some agencies will not consolidate debts on cards if this amount is below $10,000 while some have a much lower balance requirement.

Consolidating credit debt is a great idea if the consolidation decreases the overall amount that will be owed, and is accomplished in a way that does not put any resources at risk. If it is possible to transfer the debt to a lower interest card or to have a personal loan to consolidate the payments and creditors then it may be a good idea. If the consolidation boosts the amount owed in any way then it may not be the ideal move and another method needs to be regarded instead.

If a debt consolidation agency will be used examine these companies carefully. Take a look at what the company provides, all of the rates and expenses charged, and the specific agreements of utilizing the company. Some have higher fees than others. It is also a good idea to consider any possible firm using the online complaint boards and forums. If a company has numerous complaints then this can be a red flag and another should be chosen instead.

Consolidating debt can help boost credit reports and scores when executed correctly, but this step may not always be the best possible selection in some conditions. Every condition should be independently examined and evaluated, and only then should a decision be created regarding consolidating debts.

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Martha Cassab

The first step towards successful consolidation is budgeting. If you have a true budget plan that reflects your true earnings, you can better plan how to distribute your monies. If you then proceed to consolidate, be sure it is under an amount that is payable so you really move forward towards financial health that will boost your credit score.

Lunghi Haviv

Individual evaluation is the most important thing for planning your credit cards debt to determine whether debt consolidation is the greatest option in a particular circumstance. I think mostly people will agree that consolidating the credit cards will not bring the control over the debt. I mean that the credit cards user will be tempted to use single credit card more. Although the benefits of the credit card consolidation may be a good option, but in my opinion credit card is about controlling your debt. The individual evaluations are a good way to determine your option for consolidating the credit card. Use it wisely you debt can be paid.

Jaikishan Khilnani

This article related to Consolidation of Credit Card is really great. It’s important for us to know the interest rates and the expenses charged by the company before going for Consolidating Credit Card Debt.

Brenda Ray

Consolidation credit card debt program has low interest rate, so it will make your monthly payments manageable. But this is not an easy task, especially if you have a bad credit already.

Sam R

It’s tempting, it’s worth a look, but the real problem here isn’t high interest rate or too many payments although those are certainly problems. The real problem is too much debt and simply consolidating it does nothing to eliminate it.

Jessica Preston

Should you decide to move forward with a credit card debt consolidation program, be very careful not to find yourself using your credit cards again! Once the balances on your credit cards are either eliminated or greatly reduced under the consolidation plan, you could be tempted to use the cards again and run up additional charges. This could quickly result in financial disaster.

Yoni Tresina

I had tried to consolidate my credit cards. At first, I wasn’t interested to try it, but when I had some debts on every cards of mine, this option was worth to try.

Sheri Ma

I cannot agree with you more – “Every condition should be independently examined and evaluated, and only then should a decision be created regarding consolidating debts”. This is definitely true for any decisions made in life! As long as one can carefully apply these debt consolidation knowledge to get out of trouble, hopefully he or she is able to learn a more healthy spending habit and get life more in order. Very helpful article!


I recently used a balance transfer to try and consolidate my credit. This did not work out for me, as the card offered a lower balance than the one I needed to transfer! I am now reading about consolidating my credit to try and improve my overall credit score. This article was very informative and I appreciate your putting this information out there for all to see! Thank you.

Sid Young

I can attest to the suggestion to examine debt consolidation companies thoroughly before signing on. I used one without doing my homework. My payments and total debt ended up costing me much more than if i had done nothing but pay my loans on time. Between their processing fees, interest charges and late fees accrued (because of their negligence), I ended up paying much more.

Kevin K.

Always keep an eye on APR and interest rates when considering consolidating credit card debt. If you are paying a higher APR, you will potentially end up owing more in the long run.


Thank you for this wonderful tips! I now have an idea what to do or to consider should I decide to consolidate my credit card debt. It’s something I’ve been worrying my mind about for a few months now. Thank you! Thank you!

Jennifer Robertson

Debt consolidation is a viable and often redeeming solution. This is especially true in the wake of several large, unexpected expenses.

Shamkant Sukalikar.

Why cant we restrict ourself to 1/2 credit cards? Financial discipline will prove to be the best strategy to avoid further complications and frustration.


Although consolidating credit card debt can fix the problem of money owed it does not actually teach the consumer anything. In order to truly fix the problem one must learn from their mistakes of budgeting, impulse buying, etc.


I have never really owned a credit card but am trying to get one…maybe someday. This article is a good guide line to know what questions to ask.

Gladys Ana

Consolidation of credit cards is not a bad idea, because it’s better to pay off a debt through consolidation than owing especially when you know you have money on another credit card.

PK Sardar

I think Credit Card Debt consolidation can be very helpful if properly done by an Expert. However any consolidation will fail if one doesn’t get disciplined in using the credit Card. Once consolidation is done the debt needs to be reduced as planned and one needs to be careful not to be in the same situation again through irresponsible spending habits.

Willy. S

The important thing is that we should be able to pay off our credit card debt, either consolidated or not. Have a history of bad debts, would complicate the next step.


Thanks for the information. I think a lot of people could benefit from knowing more about consolidating their credit cards into one payment. It could make it easier to pay them off if one is responsible and wants to get out of debt.


Consolidation can be a life-saver. It’s true though, check out the company carefully. In my own experience I chose a non-profit company with an office near where I lived. Also, make sure you know how much they charge monthly. In my case, it was $45 which was called a “donation”. I felt that was reasonable. It worked for me. I am now debt free.


Thank you for this helpful article. I never thought to ask and consider fees for consolidation and how that may affect the type of consolidation that’s right for me. I’ll be bookmarking this!

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