Is Filing Bankruptcy The Only Way Out Of Debt?

The world is suffering financial turmoil currently. While recession rages, price hike becomes extensive. Citizens are more financially hassled-as their expenses increase so as their financial obligations. You might just be one of them. You’re losing control over your finances. Aren’t you? How long can you hang on? Are you thinking of filing bankruptcy? Hold on a little longer. Read this article first before you decide.

When you file for bankruptcy, you legally declare your incapacity to pay your creditors. Apart from the relief that you think you could get from filing bankruptcy, you need to undergo the strenuous filing process. The government had amended the bankruptcy law in 2005. And since then filing for bankruptcy has never been easy.

Collective in the bankruptcy filing process is the appointment of a trustee over your non-exempt assets. The trustee who is appointed by the court itself has the discretion to sell your assets-all of your assets as in Chapter 7. Thus when you file for bankruptcy, you’re going to practically lose everything that you own. You have no capacity to decide what to do with your assets. You will have to agree with the decision of the trustee.

Even if the government sees bankruptcy as a great chance for people to have a ‘fresh start’, your filing will still be reflected in your credit record. Needless to say that filing for bankruptcy will injure your credit scores significantly. That’s not the end of it yet. Even if you declare bankruptcy you will still have to pay $3,000 to $5,000 for legal and filing fees.

Other than the remedy provided by the law, there are other option which you would like to reconsider. There are companies that offer debt consolidation and credit counseling. They can neither protect your assets when the court has decided on them already, nor can they elucidate your debt to disappear in thin air. But they can sit down with you and discuss what alternatives you have to avoid filing for bankruptcy. On a brighter note, these companies will neither seize nor control ownership over your assets. Contrary to what you might be thinking, these companies’ techniques are lawful. So you don’t have to worry about doing something illegitimate.

More and more companies are offering these kinds of services presently. And only few of them offer the quality of service you totally need to resolve your financial difficulties. You must carefully choose which company to work with. Your decision is the key to either solve or worsen your problem. Weigh your options well and never jeopardize your family’s future just because of a wrong alternative.

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