Know Why Credit Card Application Denied

You will really have a bad day when you can receive a denial letter from the card network that you sent a credit card application. “Why was I denied”, this is a puzzling question that most people ask when they can’t expect that a denial will happen in their application.Expect that Citibank may not approve the credit card application that you sent once you don’t have an income or if ever you already have too many credit cards. The main reason why this article is composed is for people to know their credit card application for Citibank may be denied when…

You are not on the Right Age –

Most teenagers that are not of legal age are not aware that they will only be denied upon sending a credit card application to Citibank.With this thing happening right at hand Citibank is slightly exposed to fraud, for most of this kids are trying to be deceptive. Sometimes, they are not fully aware that you have to be of legal age before you can own a card. In most case scenarios, the teenagers have thought that they can already own things like the credit card since they can even have cellphones and emails that before only adults can own.

You’re Income Bracket does not qualify –

Not Earning Enough is the second reason why most people are not approved for their Credit Card application in Citibank. Before you can have you card approved, Citibank ensures that you are earning a fixed or even higher income in a year.

The Permanent House and Job Residence –

It is an insurance that Citibank can see stability in a person. One of the factors of stability is the years that a person spent living in his residence and the years spent in his current job. Once you have done recent transfer of residence of even a change in your job, Citibank may deny your application.

Your Credit Standing is not Excellent –

This is the major cause that Citibank will not give you the approval.Always remember to maintain your credit score in each card that you have for it is a major basis for your credit standing. But then if you are also having poor credit like when you are seldom using your credit card, then there would be no basis in trusting you.

Too many Credit cards, Too many Credit Limits –

Like many other Companies of the same nature, Citibank does not like to see people having to many credit accounts. Having a lot of credit cards may cause you some trouble later since like you cannot already pay the bills that is why most companies make sure that they will stop issuing you credit cards after a certain number that you have.

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