Learn How To Enter Into Real Estate Investment With No Investment Cash To Start

Will a part time job solve your long-term money issues? If you are looking for a part time position why don’t you consider locating a position that can change your lifestyle instead! It goes without saying; investors are constantly on the lookout for income producing real estate. The problem is, these individuals usually cannot find the time to sniff out these potential acquisitions the way did when they launched their business.

Become wealthy by helping others solve problems. The answer to their problem is a group of individuals classified as bird dogs. While investors are wrapping up deals, selling properties, bird dogs enable them to keep adding new investments into their profit pipelines.

Isn’t a bird dog an animal? Generally speaking, a property finder is someone who finds homes for house flippers to flip. When they find a residence, the house flipper pays a fee. The property finder has no other dealings to the house immediately after he or she gets the house flipper to sign off on it.

Use bird dogging as an entry point. Choosing to be a property finder is an excellent way to begin your journey of investing in housing as well as creating wealth in this moneymaking vocation. You will need to realize that bird dogs never render contracts to licensed real estate brokers. By law, they can only offer deals to non-licensed investors.

Where will you be in five years from now? Why should you consider this fulfilling opportunity? The answer is simple, it enables you to set your own schedule and you control your cash flow. Moreover, as a business proprietor you have access to a number of advantages tax wise. Needless to say you’ll have to seek a professional certified public accountant to seize them.

No financial risks for bird dogs. Another beauty of being a bird dog is that you take none of the risks that the actual investors take. You find the deals and they put up the money and handle any of the finances. In most deals bird dogs are paid a flat fee for finding the deals. In other deals, they arrange to receive a percentage of the actual deal.

Private investors need help. Real estate investors require the vision and ears of property locators. It makes their job easier because they can close more deals with less personal effort. Without people who are uncovering houses to flip for them, a lot of flippers get bogged down.

What are you waiting on? By becoming a bird dog, you aid other real estate investors to reach their dreams while you’re accomplishing your own. Using the assorted assets you can locate the very best properties in your areas and get those moneymakers to your real estate investors.

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