Medical Bills and Debt

For the most part, debt is completely avoidable. When using a budget, and watching what you spend your money on you can stay out of debt. One way to do so is to spend your money on necessities and budget meticulously on what you spend your money on.

However, sometimes people still find a way to get in debt. What do you do when a debt collection agency is calling you to pay off a bill that was a necessity.

Medical bills are a way that many people find themselves in debt. Medical bills can become incredibly expensive. When it comes to your health though, it is not an option. For the most part, people are willing to give in on the price and aren’t willing to compromise on their health. They are willing to do whatever it takes to stay healthy.

When a bill collection agency comes to you asking to pay off a medical bill, what is your next step? Your insurance company should be the first people that you talk to. The whole reason you have an insurance company is for situations such as these.

By contacting your insurance company you can see if they will pay all of the bill or at least some of it. At the very least they should be able to work with you to come up with some sort of payment plan so you can pay off your bill.

Then there is the question… what if you don’t have insurance? If that is the case, medical bills can very easily lead to debt. However, there is always help when it comes to medical bills. There are government programs that can help you pay the bill down or pay it off completely. Also, sometimes hospitals will work directly with you in reducing your bill or working out a more comfortable payment plan for you.

Debt can be avoided usually. However, one of the few exceptions to the rule are medical bills. When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t have to compromise. But with medical bills, just as with any other debt, there are ways to get out of debt and pay off all the bills that you owe.

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Jenn T

Like a lot of Americans, I have no insurance and I noticed as I read through the article that you didn’t mention that some doctors offices or even the hospital will work with you on a sliding income based scale. It takes a good bit of leg work calling around to the different offices to find out which ones are willing to do this but it’s honestly saved me a bundle. Unlike a payment plan this is reduced rates based on your household income, which typically elevates the problem of having to make monthly installments until the debt is paid, except for higher bills which would probably still need to be spread out into payments.


This article provides some good information. Debt is avoidable, and if you have medical insurance you shouldn’t get into debt with medical bills. If you don’t work or your employer doesn’t offer medical insurance, you can still get it through government programs at an affordable rate (and you should!). Your health is just as important as avoiding debt.


This is definitely a topic lots of people are struggling with and I’m super glad you wrote this article. Could you expand on it a little more though? We all know that medical bills suck and we all know how good planning and self-discipline can prevent debt accumulation… But what are some specific strategies?

When I call my insurance company to see if they’ll help with the medical bill, what questions do I ask and who can I talk to? What should I expect?

Thanks for the article, though!


For years I avoided going to see a doctor for anything because I didn’t have insurance. It’s terrible not having insurance and then receiving a huge bill for the very few times that you just had to go to the emergency room.


It’s well known that different companies and hospitals will give you payment plans and options to repay how you can, but it should be also important that you budget a small amount for emergencies and minor injuries. Everyone gets injured at some point in their life, and being prepared for these minor accidents truly makes a difference in your recovery. Don’t fret when you are behind on those medical bills, they take time to pay off, and planning your payment schedule really helps!

Sharon VanDervort

Medical debt increases as people get older because people just naturally need more healthcare as they age. However, when a person finds themselves in a situation where employment has ended through no fault of their own, such as a plant closing, then medical debt can affect anyone of any age because iinsurance has ended along with employment.

Natasha Rangkuti

I agree that medical bill is one of unexpected bill, in some case the bill is almost double of our monthly salary. Insurance can be considered as a solution but sometimes the case are too complicated and insurance cannot cover 100% of your bill. I think one of best solution is self-economy management, we have to manage our money so that we can save few of them monthly, just in case there is something unwanted happens.

Akshey Joshi

No matter how much a person tries it becomes difficult sometimes to avoid debt that comes along with medical expenses. It is a necessary evil and can’t be avoided. Having said that, getting more information about the government programs would be really helpful.

Jenn B

I noticed the article did mention that there are some government programs that will offer assistance, and most all hospitals offer assistance to those without insurance, but I did not see mention of the bills received from your own personal doctors. Many doctors offices will offer a payment plan located on the back of their bill. This has been slowly happening over the last few years and often they will give you a payment amount per month they will accept based on what you owe. It is beneficial to look into.


Thank you for the useful information! Imagine, what the situation is for people who have no insurance. The government has also limitations in what it can pay. Hence, getting into debt is not ‘completely avoidable.’


very much useful information about medical bills. So many people do not have complete knowledge about these medical bills. but after reading this article we will get full knowledge.

Shamkant Sukalikar

One need to make provision in budget for medical bills is as necessary as making provision for food and shelter.
As due to our present lifestyle, leading healthy life has become a difficult task and medical bills are for ill health and not for good health. Except elderly people, others should try to keep themselves fighting fit as long as possible. Medical insurance is must now a days.

Kayla R.

I agree that we should avoid debt but there are several things that we shouldn’t have compromised, like health and education. For some people, student loans are the only options to get the better education.

Carmen S.

I never knew of any government programs that can help to pay medical bills. Can you please elaborate about such programs? I’d like to know more about it. Thank you very much.

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