Numerous Ways To Prevent Being a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft is by far the fastest growing crime in America. As technology gets more sophisticated, so have the criminals. Millions of people are scammed out of their money every year by identity thieves. And the trend is not slowing down any. The following are five easy tips you can follow to prevent reduce the chances of identity theft happening to you. Keep in mind, sometimes identity theft is unavoidable as a result of our use of personal information to buy products and services almost on a daily basis. But you can definitely take steps to reduce the risk. By taking the steps below, you will certainly reduce your risk of having your identity stolen by a large amount.

1. Be wary of people lurking near you. These are people who like to always glance at what you are doing. Also, be wary of people who are close to you when working and cover your information that you enter into ATM machines and laptops. The place that I am always wary of is public libraries. Since it is such a huge space and all kinds of people allowed in, it is especially unsafe

2. Destroy all sensitive data, paper or digital. If it is a paper document, shred it until it is unrecognizable. If it is digital, thoroughly erase all information. If you are not giving it away or selling it, I recommend destroying the hard drive with a hammer. If you are giving away your computer or selling it, always use top of the line software to wipe your data completely. Experts recommend going over your data twice to make sure nothing is left on.

3. Always protect your digital devices (such as laptops and phones) with a password. Internet access is abundant and so you definitely do not want unwarranted access to your stuff. Speaking of which, also always protect your home network with a firewall and a password. People who pry on open networks can steal personal information on your system. On my mobile phone, I have a password to unlock the phone and another password to unlock my sensitive apps.

4. Have an alarm system at home and in your automobile. Criminals very rarely break into anything with an alarm because once it is set off, the chance of them being identified skyrockets. Additionally, alarm systems are really a hassle to disam and are usually not worth it for the criminal.

5. Make sure to enroll in a credit monitoring service such as TrueCredit. These services will alert you of any odd happenings on your credit report. It is also helpful to have fraud protection with your credit card issuer and checking account. They are very good at identifying unusual purchases and will alert you of such. Also be sure to get fraud protection on your credit cards if you do not have it already.

By using the tips I posted above, you can largely decrease the chance of having your identity stolen and your credit profile ruined. Remember, the biggest repercussion of a stolen identity is the lasting effect it has on your credit. So save yourself the hassle and protect yourself because it is a big hassle having to repair your credit profile after an identity theft. Use the tips above and it will greatly reduce your chances of having your credit ruined and your identity stolen.

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The truth us that sometimes identity theft is unavoidable as a result of our use of personal information to buy products and services virtually everyday. The five steps stated below if followed with carefulness, our identity will definitely be secured. Thanks for this good post.

Frank Jerry

You are right we need to be wary of people lurking around us. They are the real identity thieves. We need to be careful with them


I totally agree that the biggest repercussion of a stolen identity is the lasting effect it has on your credit. That can mess up someone’s entire life.


I have learnt a lot from your timely article. I will be changing a few things with regards to my security. Thank heavens I read this in time.


The cyber criminals are ingenious and they are always coming up with new ways of stealing people’s identity. For that reason we should always have the latest security software installed in our devices.


I like the idea of enlisting with a credit monitoring service such as TrueCredit. Those can help you know if someone is using your credit card information without your knowledge.


Thanks for covering this extremely relevant subject. The tips are amazing and I’ll be sharing them. Now more than ever we need to do all we can so that we don’t become victims of identity theft.


The demographic that falls victim the most to identity theft are our seniors and the elderly. We really need to take time and educate them on how to stay safe.


What scares me the most is that some of the big companies that we trust with our data such as Facebook and LinkedIn also get hacked. It scares me because that is totally out of our control.


Personally I try not to use open WiFi on my devices. I have heard that those are very easy to hack.


I’d like to add that we should also use strong passwords especially for our online accounts. Having a password with a capital letter, small letter, a number and a special character greatly reduces the chances of someone guessing your password.

Meg W

Cases of identity theft have skyrocketed over the past year. I believe a lot of this can be attributed to the pandemic with a lot of people spending more time online.


In addition to these tips, I would also recommend using multi factor authentication for online platforms. It makes sure that no one can log into your account even if they manage to get your login credentials.


As technology gets more sophisticated, so have the criminals. Millions of people are scammed out of their money every year by identity thieves. And the trend is not slowing down any.


I know that the rate of identity theft is very high in America, however, as unfortunate as it may seem identity theft cuts across other countries also. Everyone has to be careful with their information. The tips above are quite handy and should be remembered so as not to fall a victim.


Even protection of our digital devices should be with sophisticated tools and strong passwords. Easily guessed words or phrases should never be used. The more we use Technology, the more we open to identity theft


I am always got the scare of having identity theft. This is also the reason why I am so vigilant with whatever I am doing offline and specially offline. Am I getting paranoid?

Justin Oseghale

Thanks for this solid list of recommendation on how to prevent identify theft. Identity Theft is way too rampant today and it is unavoidable. But being careful is the ultimate motive and prevention and I believe when using password, one should also try as much as possible not to use things related to one as password or key like date of birth, name etc because if can easily be a crack term to the perpetrators.

Wilson Jake

Having more sophisticated technology shouldn’t be a reason to high internet crime. Daily I rack my brain why our mind in this generation careless about how others feel. Identify theft is really deadly, we should take note please. Here are ways to be safe.

A. Rizudin

These are all useful tips. Of course, though, one needs to be willing enough to spend on protective measures to avoid these risks. Some of these tips don’t require too much to spend on, like protecting your devices with a strong password or two, but I think the price of some security measures tends to go up in price, depending on their quality.

What’s the minimum amount that someone should expect to pay for basic defense against identity theft, by the way? Just curious.

oseghale victory

This post has enlisted every possible way to go be a victim of identity theft. It’s informative and well detailed. This will go along way in eradicating identity theft if all the prevention enlisted are adhere to

Gaurav Kumar

the things mentioned in the post are the best things to do in order to protect us from being theft online, It is very important in this technology world.

Obalade Damilola

This shows how advanced these identity thieves are. Scammers are always devising methods of scamming people. We just need to be cautious and try not to let people have access to our data. it’s as simple as that

Last edited 6 months ago by Obalade Damilola

Having a tangible alarm might be overkill ha ha. For one everything is online now meaning it is a digital fight more than it is physical. Of course beefing up security is always a good thing. Identity thief is a serious issue. Be cautious. It aint much but it helps.


Identity theft is a serious issue in US and the tips shared to avoid it was nice. The most appealing to me was the third point.

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