One Of The Ways To Make Extra Money At Home Is To Be A Transcriptionist

There are a variety of ways to make extra money at home, including working as a transcriptionist. By utilizing a computer with reliable internet and word processing software, a person can transcribe from different forms of media. Many types of companies such as colleges, entertainment magazines, and medical companies need transcription services on a regular basis and hire at-home workers for this purpose.

Being able to use a computer is not the only skill you will need to be a good transcriptionist. It is also important that you can type quickly and without errors. This includes being able to spell properly and follow grammar and punctuation rules. If you can translate other languages and understand foreign accidents, that can also help you to be an effective transcriptionist. As can having a knowledge of medical, legal, business, and real estate terms.

Interviews, speeches, and lectures are often transcribed by general transcriptionists. These people work for a variety of companies transcribing whatever kinds of media they utilize. Many people get into the business of transcription through doing general work, as no experience is necessarily required to start out.

Medical transcription is more specialized, and often requires a transcriptionist to have specialized training and certification. They work to transcribe dictation that becomes important documentation. They must know medical terms – both what they mean and how to spell them properly – so they can type them up appropriately.

Though certification is not required, to be a legal transcriptionist you will need specialized training. In order to transcribe legal proceedings such as hearings and trials, you will need to know legal terminology. You may also need to pass a criminal background check, as some media to be transcribed may be protected. Though most legal transcription can be done off recorded media at home, in some cases it is necessary for it to be done live at a specific place as a legal proceeding is occurring.

If you choose to transcribe meetings, press conferences, seminars, and training sessions, you can work as a financial or business transcriptionist. This is not usually available to entry-level transcriptionists, as knowledge of business-related terms is important. Training or a background in a related field are often requirements for these transcription jobs.

Answering services can employ voice mail transcriptionists to listen and transcribe incoming phone calls. These transcriptionists often work on much stricter deadlines than others, as they need to transcribe and send messages to the proper people as quickly as possible. In the case of urgent or emergency messages, they may have only a few minutes to transcribe and forward the information along.

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