Secure Your Personal Information to Avoid Identity Theft

IDENTITY THEFT or commonly known as id theft is one type of crime where one person use some very crucial key piece of information of other persons such as credit card number, account number, social security number in order to portray someone else. That information can be used to obtain credit, merchandise, property and services in the name of the dupe person. IDENTITY THEFT is the most profitable crime mostly used to achieve financial gain, and the crimes incorporated by the masters of identity theft are often assigned to the victim. Not only has the thief acquired money of the victims but often the use it to commit crimes and illegal activities to the name of the victims. By stealing identity like account number or social security number the thieve can open a bank account or credit card account and then apply for loan and remove funds from varying financial accounts.

It is a routine work, we make our online monthly payments on time, receive a confirmation e-mail from our lender stating payment had been made and then, don’t think about it. This negligent attitude becomes the hidden door for cyber criminals, who have become more interested in this type of crime. In order to create a false identity, specific personal information is always required. Your hacked driving license can be most suitable for identity theft. Suppose, a person’s driving license gets suspended for drunk driving; all that the thief needs to do, is get that valid driving license number to use on a false document.

Identity thieves use their own personal to open a new account and they can open a new credit card account, or can open a new business, cellular services in order to obtain blank checks. Today the internet makes it easier to steal identity because transactions can be made without any real verification of someone identity. Sources such as the non-profit identity theft resource centre broadly classified id theft in five types. Identity cloning, Financial identity theft, Criminal identity theft, Medical identity theft, and Child identity theft.

If you are a victim of IDENTITY THEFT then you should do the following steps: Place a fraud alert for your reports, close the account that you know or feel have been fiddled with or opened fraudulently, file a complaint with the FTC (federal trade commission), and take help from your local police to reach the community where the identity theft took place.

In order to create a false identity, specific personal information is always required. A credit card can be easily hacked to get money. A careless customer fails to consider the mistake in providing his personal information to an unknown source either through e-mails or phone calls. Thus, be alert and don’t give out any information to a financial institution where you do not have an account. These possible fraud schemes should be taken note of, and their knowledge should be utilized wisely to prevent risking billions of dollars through identity theft.

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