See How To Sell Old Jewelry The Easy Way

The large majority of men and women already comprehend that the present price for used jewelry has gone way up. This makes it the most opportune time to sell your unwanted jewelry you have had stashed away in your jewelry box for years. Getting ride of it now can bring in some extra cash.

The main issue that many people face is finding a reputable place to actually sell their your used jewelry. It is easily understandable as to why you might be apprehensive about dropping those items in the mail.

Most people might without a doubt be thinking that just taking your your unwanted jewelry items to a local shop would be the best thing to do. However, since these places are in it for resale they won’t give you nearly as much money as your old jewelry is really worth. By cutting out the middle man and selling straight to the refiners you are able to get more money and do it more securely for what you have to offer them.

Going online to sell your used jewelry is a good way to find yourself getting a large check in the mail. The refiners we referred to above offer the top prices for antique jewelry. They also buy silver and platinum as well. They base the amount paid out on how much your items are actually worth, this nets you a bigger profit.

In advance of plunging right in and sending your your unwanted jewelry to just any online company, you first need to locate one you can have confidence in. Make sure the company you choose has a good status and has been around for a while. The longer a organization has been in the your used jewelry buying industry, the better the service usually is.

The typical process that all companies use is a pretty simple one. You call or go on their website and request one of their kits. When the kit arrives you drop your pieces in the shipping envelope and send it back. The postage is almost always covered for this part. Then the refiner looks at your items and decides what they are worth. From there they print out a check and mail it to you and you are all done. Also, now you can find a few companies that pay out through Paypal instead of a check.

There couldn’t be a much better time to clean out that old jewelery box. A growing number of companies are coming to light and making this process as safe as achievable. Do your research and find one you can trust. In addition to this, look for one that is also paying a percentage bonus if you want to earn even more money for getting rid of stuff you don’t want anymore.

Do you have questions about how tosell jewelry? Visit Andres Fine Jewelers us today and for more information on how selling jewelry can help in tough economic times!

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