Start Small With Your 401k Plan If You Have Too

Most employers offer 401ks these days, don’t pass these up! These accounts have a lot of advantages for your retirement savings.

Take advantage of your 401k match. If your employer offers a contribution match up to a percentage of your income, make sure you invest at least up to that point. That match is free money you won’t be seeing elsewhere, don’t let it pass you by. Decide when you ideally want to retire, just make a hopeful guess. Then estimate how much you need to live on each year and consider if you’ll still be paying off your mortgage.

Then do the math again changing the number of years you’ll be in retirement, to get some numbers for what you’ll need if you retire earlier or later in life. This gives you some estimations of how much you need to save (remember you’ll get returns on your investments that will help with this) and how much of a difference earlier and later retirement points makes.

Feeling safe with your money is a great way to live life. Stocks have returned a much greater amount then to people who have invested in bonds. There is no doubt that stocks are they way to go, but in today’s world, not to many people feel very safe with the market. If you have stocks, then when should you make adjustments to turn those into bonds?

Take the Lehman Brothers for example. Their Aggregate Bond performed well in its day. Most people were used to a solid eight to fifteen percent return per year. Now we all know what happened with the Lehman Brothers, as well as many others during the past couple of years. Today, there have been billions of dollars lost that people once trusted with institutions that no one thought could fail.

Many people have went into retirement by starting part time work towards the end of their career. If you can afford to do this, then it is a great way to make the transition. This way you have more time to spend by yourself doing what you want to do. If you realize that you enjoy working and that your already doing what you enjoy, then keep working part time.

Most people retire to a weekend lifestyle. After only a few months of being retired, most people are seeking something to do because they are bored. Many people even go and get a part time job just to have something to do. That is no way to retire in my opinion. If that is the case, why would you retire? Just keep working and do what you are doing.

Get rid of your debt. Pay down all of your credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans while you are working. If you don’t have high expenses each month that are fixed, this can help you live nicely off of a fixed income for a long time to come.

There is no better time than the present to begin saving for the future. It is necessary to prepare for that and more. You can also factor in what you will be receiving from social security benefits; however, this should be the amount with the least importance. It is rarely enough to live on, and it should be used as part of the extra and cushion factor.

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