Sticking to Business Debt Avoidance

My good friend in short; never graduated high school. As a matter of fact most people think he’s a complete idiot. He’ll spew dumb jokes and enjoy playing the moron for the laughs. The joke is on everyone else though because he isn’t a moron. He understands so much more than he lets on he simply likes to pretend he doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t hold a degree from a university; he’s in actuality anything but a moron. Ultimately with all his common sense my friend came to me with an idea on how to make money while hopefully avoiding many business debts.

Maybe about a week or so ago my friend and I were chatting as we do often enough anyway. The topic was slightly different though as we usually talk about nonsense as the conversation turned to making money; something arguably actually productive. It isn’t that my friend is a greedy person at all. He doesn’t even like money; he just wants the prestige of being wealthy so other would keep off his back so he presented me his idea on how to become self-sufficient.

Another personality trait my friend possesses is disdain for bosses. I’ve worked with him more than once and I think he’s a great worker but mangers and bosses are always rubbed the wrong way with his demeanor and personality. In any case he isn’t good at holding a steady job for too long which brings us to his idea he wanted to articulate to me.

Because he has such a hard time satisfying bosses he decided that he’d just be his own boss by opening up a sticker company. It’s a way to claim he’s self-employed while not having to answer to anyone but himself. His only worry is to sink himself into various business debts if he doesn’t see a profit.

I wasn’t a business major but he seemed to be onto something. I told him to raise all the initial capital himself for his start up if he wanted to avoid digging into debt and a sticker company is cheap enough to do that. If he can make a profit off his first batch perhaps he could parlay that into a real fortune one day.

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