Small Business Loans FAQ

One of the most problematic hurdles in the way of setting up a business is of capital. In case of Canadian small business owners, they have to face quite a problem in attaining a good enough capital from lending institutes. Due to global recession and a lot of loan defaulters raising their heads every now and then, most of the financial institutes in Canada prefer lending loans to the big and established companies only. But, one should not be disappointed as there are some solutions that could cater to the needs of Canadian small business owners. However, to attain those solutions, you need to be a great communicator, have a strong and successful business strategy as well as excellent planning and organizing skills. Read more [...]

Car Loans Summary

It seems cars have become a necessity now and without one, a person feels socially isolated. People would have no qualms with spending hordes of money on petrol instead of saving it all and opting for other means of transport like buses or bikes. Seeing this rising need in the demands for cars, the auto industry began bringing out fabulously designed vehicles, just to attract more customers. What's worse is that, with every car released, the price tag goes up. This results in increased demand for car loans. People with average income need to have car loans to afford a car in the short run. Read more [...]