Is it Wrong to Love a Deduction? 8 Simple Steps for Successfully Deducting Donations to Charity From Your Taxes

Would you like to pay Uncle Sam less while helping out a worthy cause? Then make a donation to a charity before the end of the year. The US Tax code changes every year, but the Internal Revenue Service still lets you deduct donations to charity from the tax you long as your donation goes to a qualified charity, and you itemize your deductions. The following 8 tips are critical whether you donate cash, property, or even a used vehicle, boat or RV. Read more [...]

Information About Charitable Organisation Credit Cards

Even in today's tricky economic times, people around the world still want to give to good causes and to feel that they're doing their bit for society. Regrettably, when funds are stretched it can often be the charitable giving which are the first bits of expense to be sacrificed. So what would you think if you knew that you could carry on contributing to your favorite charity without any subsequent price to yourself, just by utilizing a credit card to buy the items you'd be purchasing anyhow?Charity Read more [...]