Collecting Judgments And Familiar Obstacles Business Owners Tackle Trying To Recover Judgments

Business owners commonly choose to pursue delinquent debt by suing the organization that is indebted, using the court to remedy the situation by seeking to be awarded a judgment. This is often seen as the first step in the collection of past due business debts, though what many business owners fail to realize is that, because most courts do not enforce the judgment and repayment, the court ruling means little. Read more [...]

Don’t Like Debt Collection Agencies? You’re Definitely Not Alone

Many people have accepted that debt collection agencies and debt collectors as a necessary evil. They are there to do a job and a necessary one since not all debtors are just experiencing bad times. Debt collection agencies recover astronomical amounts of money for businesses which are starved for it. But they also get many complaints filed against them, for their procedures. Debt collectors may get the job done but the way that they do it isn't always perfect. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Read more [...]

Some Significant Points Why Hiring Collection Agencies Will Strengthen Cash Flow To Your Business

Many business owners feel that they have to try and run their businesses alone. They rely on internal book-keeping and they try to keep up with any tasks that need completing by themselves. When it comes to debt collection practices, its important to understand that collection agencies are often able to recoup more of your outstanding debts quicker and more professionally than you can on your own. Read more [...]