Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

When used intelligently, debt can be of tremendous assistance in building wealth. However, the word debt strikes fear in our hearts, mine included, because we've all heard stories about people getting into bad debt and bad thing have happened to them. However, I have just learned an interesting fact I'd like to share. There are two different kinds of debt. Read more [...]

Don’t Like Debt Collection Agencies? You’re Definitely Not Alone

Many people have accepted that debt collection agencies and debt collectors as a necessary evil. They are there to do a job and a necessary one since not all debtors are just experiencing bad times. Debt collection agencies recover astronomical amounts of money for businesses which are starved for it. But they also get many complaints filed against them, for their procedures. Debt collectors may get the job done but the way that they do it isn't always perfect. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Read more [...]

Medical Debt Relief Act Evens Things Out…Slightly

From 1999 to 2009, premium costs for family insurance have risen by one hundred and thirty one percent. That's easily over three times the rate at which wages rose during this time. In the recession, millions of jobs have been lost, putting workers who have just lost their jobs at risk of additionally living without health insurance. For those who continue to be employed, employers are pushing more of the costs of health insurance onto their workers as they struggle with economic uncertainty. Also, there are blue collar and retail workers, waitresses and the like who are paid less, work harder and are not offered health insurance plans at their jobs. No wonder that Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. Read more [...]