A Credit Dispute Letter Could Improve Credit Scores In Some Instances

A credit dispute letter is a letter which is mailed to a creditor or credit rating agency when a financial debt is believed to be in error for any reason. If any mistakes are observed on any of the three main credit reports for an individual then these problems need to be disputed as soon as possible. Mistakes can have a drastic result on the credit rating of the individual, and their capability to qualify for credit in all forms. Once the credit agency that reports the incorrect details receives Read more [...]

What To Include When Writing A Credit Dispute Letter

When creating a credit dispute letter there are many items and information that must be included in this letter for it to be deemed valid. The person should request a copy of their credit report from all 3 big credit rating agencies. These reports must be assessed closely for any mistakes or errors. Any accounts or listings which are wrong or do not belong to the person should be circled and marked on the credit report. Read more [...]