How to Stay Out of Debt

Money problems and large amounts of debt are common for many people in contemporary society. Maxing out credit cards, department store cards and lines of credit to live outside your means is a recipe for disaster and can lead to financial ruin. Many people end up filing for bankruptcy in Toronto when money problems start to take over, but even those who can manage the payments end up paying a fortune in interest payments. Read more [...]

Do You Require Assistance Clearing Medical Bills?

A recent report from Harvard Medical School showed that unpaid medical bills was the main reason why most American's file chapter 7. This came as a huge surprise to the people who had concluded that credit card debt was top of the list. While there are other factors that contribute to your money problems, unpaid medical bills and the cost of medication were the leading causes. As the level of joblessness has continued to rise, the number of people who have comprehensive insurance through their job Read more [...]